Directive Dugin: Victory in Italy, defeat in Austria

From Europe today, the news is unpleasant. First of all, for Europe, but largely for us, too. On the Austrian election, Soros and the European Bog still managed to push his creature – supported Conchita Wurst green man van der Bell.

Bellen is a typical representative of the Swamp. He began as anti-capitalist. Like the beginning of anything. But… then he began to change with the trends, and I must say, the bad. So, he admits that of the anti-capitalist and socialist left became a liberal with environmental inclinations. Then it and caught the Soros network as left-liberals among them on the first cast of “FEMEN”, a gender policy and, accordingly, Conchita Wurst is a loyal puppet of an open society. But that’s not all.Van der Bellen has gone even further – now he is positioning himself as a right-wing liberal Anglo-Saxon orientation. A perfect career is the swamp of evil – a sort of Erin with Bazhin.

Funded van der Bell tycoon Hans Peter Haselsteiner, an activist of the Liberal Forum and the main sponsor – carefully – of the Institute “Open Society”. And this is Soros in pure form – in the act.

And brave conservative and eurosceptic Norbert Hofer, soft and shy man, not changed, by the way, their Patriotic and anti-globalization beliefs, alas, lost. By the way, because Soros hireling Haselsteiner threw all their forces to discredit him. Remember this name – Haselsteiner.

This is very bad. Austrian to drain the swamp failed. At least a small consolation for the unhappy Hillary Clinton. However against the background of our tremendous victories in the US, it can be considered the little things. But still unpleasant.

What conclusion from this our defeat on the Austrian elections? The European quagmire – a quagmire, as it turns out, more serious American. And to rely on the European revival, at least in the near future, not worth it. But hands down is not the time. By the way, where was the election of our candidate in Austria, all European and international conservative network? The Austrians from FPO asked anyone for help not to come, was afraid that the enemy uses it in their propaganda. In vain I was afraid of half measures and caution will not achieve anything. We must actively and vigorously to attack.In this case, first of all, of course, thought-out plan and developing a strategy. Battle for Europe – our Europe – is still ahead.

Now to the Italian referendum. And that’s where our victory. The Italians chose “No”, “No”, that is, in Greek, “Oxi!” This “No” is said not only Renzi and his stupid reforms. It’s no to EU, no Swamp. Great. Here things start to move. So, still have a chance.

It is important that in Italy the forces that stand against the European Union, did not act separately, but together. Of course, between leftists, anti-globalists of the “Five Stars” and the thrust dynamic conservatives from the “Northern League” shared interests and values little, but their interaction was allowed to overturn the henchmen of European bureaucracy. And with some serious advantage. Renzi vowed that if he wins No, he will retire. By the way, Renzi was not the worst politician. Just no. And no more Italy is not necessary. It is necessary to some. Such as Matteo Salvini.

Italy today is exactly in the same position as Greece after a referendum in favor of “Oohs!” However, Tsipras after this triumph of Greek sovereignty knelt down, gave up and went on a leash in Brussels. But in Italy, no one to kneel. The Italians, in fact, said the European Union No. And the Austrians said to Conchita Wurst “Yes.” See the difference. So, tonight we are all Italians. And the Swamp – the Austrians.

In short, we need a United front, common front from Vancouver to Vladivostok vs Swamps, Soros, globalism and liberalism. Against those who clearly went too far. And the front one gets in the eyes. Bravo, Italy. Moscow-Rome-Washington. Unexpected and promising… To Vienna, too, come to hand. But, apparently, later. On stage elections, marine Le Pen and the liberation of Germany from Angela Merkel.

All the best, have you watched “Directive Dugin” about our victory in Italy and our defeat in Austria.

Okay, well, one-one. But since the two parties had fallen into utter idiocy of Europe now Putin and trump, I’m sure any shift in our direction, as in Italy, is more than a victory, it is rapidly approaching the end. So with new strength and together we will drain the Swamp.

See the archive transmission –


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