The Assault On Aleppo. 03.12.2016 | Colonel Cassad




By end of day December 3, 2016, the territory controlled by the militants in Aleppo has continued to decline.

1. The brunt of today was applied to the North-West of the airport Aleppo. The assault team SAA began advancing through the quarter of Karm al-Jazmati and during the heavy fighting were able to move to the area, Jasmati. The enemy had a strong resistance, but after lunch, under the pressure of the advance, the defense of the militants started to sag, and they began to retreat. As a result, the militants also left a portion of the quarter of Karm al-Maysar.

At the same time, the SAA and “Liwa al-Quds” poddavlivat front militants South of quarter Sahour, but significant progress was not achieved.

2. Just resumed the attack on the quarter, the Sheikh said that the army took three days ago, and then left (to be honest, the reasons for the deviation are still very vague). After two days of bombardment of rebel positions in the quarter, renewed attacks on its Eastern part, but for today, decisive progress was made. However, at the same time fighting in the Sheikh said, there is a preparation for use section of the road Sheikh Saeed Ramosaj that will facilitate the future supply of Western neighborhoods of Aleppo and the progress of the army in the southern neighborhoods.It should also be noted that the current successes of the SAA in the Eastern neighborhoods, create preconditions for the preparation of the full use of the airport of Aleppo, although there is certainly will need restoration work and additional cleaning of the Eastern neighborhoods from the militants, which theoretically may remain separate MANPADS and anti-aircraft guns.

It should also be noted that the Kurds of Sheikh Maksoud took an active part in restoring order in the North-Western quarters of the city – YPG checkpoints deployed in the neighborhoods of Hallock and Jabal Badr, the Kurds provide assistance to residents to help conduct the filtration events. In General, for the Kurds of Sheikh Maqsood, the liberation of the North of Aleppo, like other residents of the city, represents the end of many years of nightmare, when Sheikh Maqsood were subjected to systematic attacks and shelling. But the Kurds, like the SAA in the Western blocks, were able to survive and now, too, can rightly consider themselves winners in the long battle for Aleppo, though of course the brunt of the fighting fell on the SAA and Union formation.

3. In General, in progress in the Eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo the distance between the advanced positions and the citadel of Aleppo was reduced, although still a direct attack through Jasmati seems to be a longer script than blow through a quarter Mary. Perhaps the SAA thus pulls additional forces here militants to strike in the South-East direction through the area of Mary.But it is rather the methodological issues as in all scenarios, fighters and so are forced to take the position and move – the only question in the final terms and the order of the liberation of the remaining blocks. Soon to move will have nowhere to go. Since the beginning of operations released for about 58% of the territory of Aleppo, previously occupied by militants. In the ranks of fighters there is a high level of demoralization and the search for those who are thinking about change.“Al-Nusra”, shooting residents and hesitant fighters, trying to force to keep control over the situation in the boiler, but every day she manages it all worse – but fear, a special control lever does not remain

4. The West was not able to save the rebels – France’s attempts to stop the assault on Aleppo or amusing attempts of London to accuse Russia that Russia does not help the residents of Aleppo, seem more elements of information warfare and the attempts of the NATO countries actively support attempts to overthrow Assad to save face. Russia and Syria have of course ignored these pathetic attempts. How much more interesting it was with the proposals of the United States. At sunset of the Obama administration, Kerry continues to try “to solve something” until December 19. Russia of course is unlikely to make a deal with Obama (after USA as a result of “unintentional errors” ripped you off number 2), but the foreign Ministry did not hesitate to offer the Americans a possible way out – the situation in Aleppo may improve if the United States will contribute to the exit of all fighters (moderate and immoderate) from Aleppo to Idlib and help stabilize the humanitarian situation in Aleppo. That is, in fact, asked the Americans to facilitate the surrender of militants in Aleppo after the pattern of Darayya and West Guta.Deceit of this proposal is the same and that the USA is to deal with the belief of “An-Nusra”, so she left too. Taking into account the position of the trump and the future Minister of defense, leaving it puts the administration in a very awkward position, because in order for something to negotiate with Russia in Syria, the US should in fact contribute to the establishment of Assad’s control over Aleppo and to persuade the Syrian jihadists to leave for good. In the unlikely event that the White House is going to be as special benefits for the United States is not here, and that Russia and Syria will get a handsome profit from such diplomatic efforts.

5. Meanwhile, Russia has increased humanitarian assistance to the people of Aleppo – food, medicine, field hospital, command clearance, etc., etc., In fact, simultaneously with the military operation to liberate Aleppo, and Russia, together with the Syrian government conducts a humanitarian operation to alleviate the plight of residents of Aleppo, who go from the territory controlled by the militants on the territory controlled by the Syrian army.Given that every day hundreds and thousands of civilians crossing the front line (or released together with the blocks), the scale of this work will only increase, and for Russia and Syria is a great way to show that they care about the Syrians, not in words but in deeds. In many ways, this job causes irritation in the West because it breaks down the “humanitarian mythology”, which the Western media supporting terrorists (Hello, turnip) lined up around the assault on the city after the failed offensive attempts of the rebels to open a corridor to Aleppo.It was their last card and now it was broken. Therefore, in the Western media the last few days you can see quite a different reflection, where advocates are forced to accept the fact that Aleppo is cleared of insurgents. Is the compulsion to reality.


One response to “The Assault On Aleppo. 03.12.2016 | Colonel Cassad

  1. Its not all SAA but hay the unity of this tide turning achievement in Global terms is unprecedented, if everyone leans on Erdogan now AK might dump the peanut.


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