Don’t take Erdogan literally | Colonel Cassad



After yesterday’s statements by Erdogan about the fact that he came to Syria “to overthrow the tyranny of Assad” and light bewilderment in Moscow in the style of “Recep, what are you?”, in Ankara he came to his senses and backed out.

In Ankara said that Erdogan’s words about the overthrow of Assad should not be interpreted literally

a source in the administration of the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan claims that Turkish leader about the intention to remove from power the head of Syria Bashar al-Assad should not be taken literally, according to RIA Novosti.
“President’s statement yesterday sounded, but it should not be taken literally. I hope that arising from that misunderstanding (with Russia. — RT) will be quickly overcome”, — said the source.
He added that to comment on Erdogan’s statement can only top leaders of Turkey. On the eve of Erdogan said that the Turkish army launched a military operation in Syria to end the rule of President Bashar al-Assad. Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that
for the Kremlin the words of the President of Turkey to overthrow Assad have become the news. – zinc

As previously stated, the most likely cause of hysteria Erdogan began the failure of the militants in Aleppo, as well as joint operation of the SDF under SAA and al Bab. Therefore, with very high probability, statements about “overthrowing the tyranny of Assad” was intended strictly to a certain public, “green”, which had to show that “dad Erdogan” will not abandon them. But in this rhetoric, Erdogan certainly had the edge, as he recalled, after which Ankara began to back off – they say, we really didn’t mean it and it’s all a misunderstanding.This Erdogan is not the first time happening – that he was going to Northern Iraq to take, then declare war on Israel, to build up the Ottoman Empire to create a security zone along the Syrian border, and of course to overthrow the Assad regime and to establish democracy in Syria. The language of Erdogan scratching it turns out much better. than to implement its threats into practice, which prevents the complicated military-political situation around Turkey (formed largely thanks to Erdogan) and its internal problems of economic and military nature.Therefore, Erdogan, while he is the companion of the Russian-Iranian coalition, it is necessary to periodically return from the world of his verbal fantasies to harsh reality, even if it infringes on the pride of the Turkish “Sultan.”

Stauffenberg was Right!

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