North Aleppo is completely liberated | Colonel Cassad


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By mid-afternoon the Northern part of Aleppo has been completely liberated. Night and morning, the remaining militants retreated into the Central areas of the city, thereby fixing one of the biggest defeats of the militants in Aleppo since the war began. The European media sadly said that this is the biggest defeat of the militants in 2012. In the liberated part of the city now are filtration events, assistance to civilians, there is a collection of trophies and valuable property, which the militants failed to destroy before going.

Before the militants now have a challenging task – to build a defensive line in the North, greatly reduced in size of the boiler. To defense she was not prepared, as it is obvious it was not expected that the quarters of Hanano, Jabal Badr and Sahur can be so quickly lost. Therefore, except for strictly residential development do not rely on that. As there is no heavy machinery, prepared firing positions and assemblies of defence. Defense is going to be badly battered and demoralized troops who escaped from North Aleppo that are now trying to build a full line of defense.Thus, the occurrence of the SAA does not stop in the morning was followed by attacks from the airport, and an advanced assault team probing the front of the militants to the South of the quarter Sahour. Of course, by reducing the front line fighters will be able to increase the density of the defence, but it is worth remembering that the combat capabilities of fighters in the city are down due to the exhaustion of BK, systematic losses, and General demoralization. Intercepted negotiations militants indicate that there has been cases of the flight commanders and the complete loss of control of the “troops” that led to a disorderly retreat.


One of the possible ways of further work with the boiler.

Of course the SAA will seek to force the militants to surrender with the goal of minimizing loss and destruction, as it is not possible that remnants of the militants is again proposed to shift from Aleppo to Idlib. After the loss of Northern Aleppo, the fermentation in the camp of the militants must actualize this option. Just to pass the evacuation of militants from Western ghouta, who were in similar circumstances – in Idlib from the boiler will leave 1450 militants and about 1,500 civilians.Well, if you continue to persist, perhaps we will see cleave through the area of Mary to the citadel of Aleppo, and again to cut the boiler into two parts. At the SAA has a chance to finish with Aleppo before the new year. And force the militants to help surrounded from the outside is not. The activities of the SAA and Russian Air forces to the West of Aleppo, a role apparently played.


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