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On the subject of today’s hysteria on Twitter https://twitter.com/JulianRoepcke journalist of the German edition “Bild” Julian turnip.


The turnip during the entire war, stoked for the jihadists and called for the bombing of Syria and the physical elimination of al-Assad, as well as to establish a no-fly zone for Russian aviation.Today, his fictional world is faced with a harsh and calloused reality, a turnip has gone rogue, declaring that the West had betrayed the Syrian revolution and their own principles that what is happening is bloody legacy of foreign Minister Steinmeier and the turnip ashamed of the inaction of the chief of the German foreign policy, Germany and the EU and support “the largest ethnic cleansing of the century”, and that the world turns a blind eye to the actions of Assad and Putin. Then he started to ban anyone who doubts that the storming of the city seized by terrorists is bad.


Previously, he was already a star of similar cartoons, becoming more than a good example of the involvement of European journalism in support of international terrorism.

Overall, today is especially funny to see the hysteria of those characters who was until recently in full confidence that Assad is doomed. The world is now so rapidly changing, that these characters have simply not kept pace with ongoing changes. Those who are smarter will have to adapt, well, characters such as turnip remains to malice on the topic of a reality that they are unable to fit in.


Stauffenberg was Right!

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