The Collapse Of Northern Aleppo | Colonel Cassad

The Collapse Of Northern Aleppo


In the evening of 27 November military catastrophe militants in Northern Aleppo continues to grow.

1. After losing the quarters of Hanano and the Jabal Badr, the militants began to withdraw some of their forces North of Aleppo. First they had to throw some blocks of Hallock, Bastan Basha and Ayun-tal, with the result that for the first few years of the war, the Kurdish district of Sheikh Maksoud is no longer under the threat of shelling and attacks by militants. Also “Liwa al-Quds” occupied the junction baidin and part of the eponymous district. The militants withdrew into the depths of the district of Ayun-tal. With militants in Haidari negotiating surrender. Part of the militants moved across the hall from the Aisles into the Central areas.It is also worth noting that the quarter Bastan BASA SAA were held jointly with the Kurds of Sheikh Maksud.

2. The district Sahour busy, not completely, until the army leaves the corridor (between the power plant and Park) for the release of militants in the Central areas, to avoid additional damage in the Northern districts, who apparently want to take without big fights, if the fighters themselves will go. In fact, the defense of the militants collapsed and there’s even a full boiler will not work – part of the insurgents running in the Central blocks, some trying to surrender. Judging by the reaction of the militants and their supporters, they did not expect what will follow such a rapid defeat.

3. In the ranks of the militants is noted outright panic, when positions in the North-Western part of the city rushed without order, some units were withdrawn from the positions on the principle of “every man for himself” and putting everyone on the truck and skedaddling in the direction of the Aisles. Control over the movement of population from the insurgents lost and the civilians of Aleppo are immediately used this opportunity to flee to the territory controlled by the SAA away from the “fighters for democracy”. For the last few hours, more than 2,000 civilians had crossed the front line. Of course, the Exodus of militants will lead to the loss of their extant material resources in Northern Aleppo, they will have to either explode or quit.

In General, the situation is developing very rapidly and the complete collapse of the defense of fighters in the Northern Aleppo may occur within days, as fighting continues right now and the territory controlled by militants shrinks.
We can say that the kick through Khan opened the defense of fighters in the Northern Aleppo like a tin can.

In the liberated neighborhood of Jabal al Badr.

Civil cross the front line in the neighborhood of Jabal al Badr.

The commanders of the Republican Guard in the quarter Sahour.

There is sad news. In today’s fighting killed the commander “of Liwa-al-Quds” Mohamad, Rafa, who recently received a Russian award for achievements during the assault on Northern Aleppo.

Rest in peace.

Here is an escape from the “freedom fighters” to a “bloody tyrant.”

And in fine humor.

Have stoned a journalist turnip today on Twitter page just a fire. Especially liked this:

the West has betrayed its own values.
Peaceful revolutions ended.
Authoritarianism will continue to grow worldwide.


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