Traps and dead ends of the new nationalism | Alexander Dugin

Traps and dead ends of the new nationalism

Fundamental failure of globalist version of liberalism is now evident. Brexit, Trump’s victory and then elsewhere. But in its place comes the simplest solution: a return to national State (Etat-Nation) and to various forms of nationalism. That means we return – mutatis mutant – to the beginning of the twentieth century.

Realism in MO (+ mercantilism and protectionism in economy) is almost guaranteed and it will become soon the ideology of the political Centre (with some delay needed to cleanse the last Liberals). Welcome into a new era of nationalism. Second political theory (communism) is so discredited by the history of the twentieth century that it could hardly represent an alternative – even when it is deeply impregnated by liberal virus. Now there is no more clean communism — rather far left liberalism in form of anarchism and trozkiism backed by such ultra-liberals as Soros. But nationalism is relatively forgotten. Its excessive demonization by the “anti-fascists” has made it look any meaning. The whole story of the name-calling “Nazis” of Putin and then – and this is important – of Trump finally has fully desemanticized the term – soon the word “fascist” will mean only the obscenity and will loose its sense completely. And the essence of nationalism, not the name, will come back and will be established everywhere, as simplistic alternative to the liberal hegemony, that is falling apart before our very eyes.

But did we want that issue? If someone wanted this, it certainly wasn’t us.

First, nationalism – is a product of the Modernity. Exactly as the rest of political theory of Modernity – liberalism and communism. It is based on the denial of the spirit of Middle Ages and on the refuse of the traditions of the Empire and of Christ. It is bourgeois at its roots and in its essence. It may be a little better than liberalism and communism (that explicitly destroy identity of the people and religion), but nationalism is infected with the same poison – secularism, rationalism, atheism. It is other version of Westoxication (Occidentosis) —Gharbzadegi of person Heideggerian philosopher Ahmad Fardid called it.

Secondly, nationalism will revive inevitably dormant conflicts between nations, peoples and religions, aggravate them and lead to war. Maybe globalists just want that and prepare that secretly (as their plan B). They hope to outlast another civil war in Europe, and then they will come back with renewed vigor with its “pacifist” demagoguery. And having shed the ocean of blood, the peoples will take them up again. And from there it is a short step to the World Government. Such plan can easily be born in the brain of the Antichrist.

Therefore, the collapse of the Liberals, we have to use it for own purposes and we should not fall into the trap of nationalism. Listening to the communist garbage is of no use at all. Hence, it is necessary to focus on the Fourth Political Theory.

It is based on the existential understanding of the people (as a whole – people as Dasein), but it ascend to the Logos, to the intellectual elite of the Fourth Way. And this elite of the Fourth Way can not be a nationalist – it should be imperial, great-continental, traditionalist, metaphysical and sacred. And it needs to understand Daseins of all peoples, and to take into account its fine core, to understand their Logos, to listen to the quiet voice hidden in the depths of people’s Being.

This elite of Fourth Way will collide with demagogues and hysterical “leaders”, that a wave of new nationalism inevitably will bring to the front as the foam on the surface of fermenting sea. And the battle begins now. It would be better that neo-nationalist monster would be strangled in the cradle. But it is about to appear.

Therefore, now – after Trump’s great succes – is relevant as never before the general plan for fundamental conservatives and traditionalists all over the world – at least of America, Europe, Russia, Iran, Turkey and the rest of Eurasia (and the others who will join us). We need a common front aimed not only at the rest of the Liberals (finish to drain liberal Swamp is technical task now), but as well to prevent and neutralize new nationalism.

We need to return to the Being, to the Logos, to the foundamental- ontology (of Heidegger), to the Sacred, to the New Middle Ages – and thus to the Empire, religion, and the institutions of traditional society (hierarchy, cult, domination of spirit over matter and so on). All content of Modernity – is Satanism and degeneration. Nothing is worth, everything is to be cleansed off. The Modernity is absolutely wrong — science, values, philosophy, art, society, modes, patterns, “truths”, understanding of Being, time and space. All is dead with Modernity. So it should end. We are going to end it.

Let us listen the words of Apollo to the defeated serpent Python (Πύθων,) – “you are to rot!” (πύθω!) The same can be said to Hillary Clinton and to European bureaucracy. Stay to rot there! Our battle is not with you – the main scene of titanomachy is moved to another front.

4PT versus 3PT.


One response to “Traps and dead ends of the new nationalism | Alexander Dugin

  1. A very sober analysis. However, the return of nationalism cannot solely be put down to an aversion to globalism (mainly in the economic sense), but also to issue of identity, culture, and race. Because of the actions of leaders in the early part of the last century, the cause of identity has come to be synonymous with nationalism. It is beleived that the only way to safeguard identity is through a Modern nation state (Japan often used as a model), however this ignored that identity was still safeguarded before nationalist writers rose to prominence. What of city states? What of empires (in the classical sense of course, rather than the mercantile or neo-colonialist sense)? Did these older methods of state organization compromise identity in a severe way? I don’t think so.

    It seems to me that concerns the world over surrounding identity and particularly racial consiousness, are completely legitimate, but ought not be falsely connection to some form of political movement called ‘nationalism’ which is unnecessary. Large-scale wars, we find, are the result of the modern nation state and its invention of the standing army, while previous territorial and resource conflicts were between landed lords involving relatively small paid armies.

    Nations exist. Nations matter, in some form. And nations should be preserved, but ‘nation states’ are not always the best course of organization. Dugin is right that we cannot return to 1910. This would present the globalists a terrific opportunity to model themselves as saviors once more and continue their devilish ends.


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