Mosul Campaign, Day Thirty-Seven | Joel Wing


Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Mosul Campaign, Day Thirty-Seven, Nov 22, 2016

The Golden Division reached one more sector of eastern Mosul, but was mostly trying to clear what it already gained. Zuhur was the newest neighborhood breached by the elite division. Otherwise the unit was trying to consolidate its areas, which have seen constant fighting since the city was reached on October 31.

The Hashd were still trying to encircle Tal Afar to the west. In the process it freed five new villages. When the forces do reach the town, it is likely to set off another round of threats from Turkey that has warned that it does not want the Hashd to take the village.

Iraq Oil Report received news that the water in the western half of the city has been shut off. There have also been stories of food shortages and the lack of other basic necessities.

Finally, the number of displaced has leveled off in the last few days. When Mosul was reached on October 31, there were 17,748 displaced registered with aid groups. When the Iraqi forces pushed farther into the city that number skyrocketed to 61,674 by November 11, and then 68,520 on November 20. By November 22 that figure had slightly dropped to 68,112. Of that total, 59,208 or 86.9% are from Mosul, and 98% are residing in Ninewa province. Still, only a small fraction of Mosul has been reached so far. As the Iraqi forces push farther in, more people are likely to flee.



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