The Storming Of Mosul. 14.11.2016 | Colonel Cassad


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Elections were held in the USA, terms related to political objectives over there, so the operation to take Mosul turned into a more slow direction determined by military considerations. The rate of occurrence has decreased, but decreased the loss coming.

The overall geometry operation is still associated with the implementation of the operational environment of Mosul. Group coming through the desert southwest of Mosul decided priority, leaving the road to the West of Mosul, and then began to move further North to the road of tal afar – Mosul, which remains the only normal road leading to Mosul, over which the Caliphate still maintains control.It is worth noting that in addition to the rectilinear movement of mechanized group to the North, delineated movements and the North-West, aiming to reach out to former Iraqi air force base located in the district of tal afar. The capture of tal afar would allow the US and Iraq would unite with Peshmergas West of Mosul, to clean the largest logistics hub controlled by the Caliphate in the area of Mosul and Mosul to form the boiler. If the resistance is too strong, the US can go to education small boiler, completing the encirclement of Mosul to the East of tal afar.These tasks are doable for the US and Iraqi army and it is likely before the new year, the environment will be completed.

The attack on Mosul from the South continues to slow progress along both banks of the Tigris, at which the Caliphate has resisted relying on small towns and villages, which prevent the more rapid advancement of two Iraqi mechanized divisions to Mosul from the South. The delay of the operation in the South makes it very difficult to direct the assault on Mosul as “black” have an opportunity to focus on one direction and quite effectively to defend the Eastern part of Mosul.As soon as the Iraqis and the Americans will be able to go to Mosul from the South, the position of Caliphate is sharply complicated. Promotion Peshmerga from the North are also relatively slow – the Kurds clearly are not configured to act as cannon fodder for street fighting in Mosul, therefore, gradually pushed back the Caliphate to the North-Eastern and Northern outskirts of Mosul, creating additional pressure on black. It is worth Recalling that the original Pentagon plan was assumed that the assault on the city will begin after he is surrounded on all sides, and inside city will be raised a rebellion against the Caliphate.It is not difficult to see, turned out very differently – the city stormed-to-head with one direction, one group on the pace of progress is much ahead of the other, the city itself is still not surrounded, a potential uprising in Mosul was suppressed in the Bud after the famous leak about backroom talks with the United States alifatica. You can say that the operation was planned not in the best way, and the haste associated with the implementation of pre-election political problems has compounded the effects. Now the Americans and their allies have a long and painful squeeze black abscess from Mosul.You can even wish them luck, they’ll need it.

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In the Eastern neighborhoods of Mosul continuing heavy street battles where the Iraqi army and security forces are gradually moving forward, incurring substantial losses from suicide bombers, snipers and mines are already Fighting in a dense residential area, which is still a lot of civilians caught between two fires. Precise data on casualties of civilians, but reports of the parties, they are essential. As for the rest, we see a repeat of the assault on Ramadi and Fallujah, when the Iraqis had it’s blood to take quarter after quarter.The question is not, do they take Mosul – the question is, what will be the losses. Over the last 3 days the attackers lost about 180-220 killed and wounded, about 20 different BBP and 3 tanks. The loss of the Caliphate are of the order of 140-170 dead and wounded. Loss of technology there are contradictions, as found wooden models, which the militants were making and gave them for full tanks and armored fighting vehicles. It is likely that part of the claimed U.S. aircraft “destroyed targets”, these are the wooden models. In addition to mines and suicide bombers, the big problem are the numerous DAESH tunnels  under the earth, that they use to move their assault groups and supply front-line units with ammunition . The city set up a mobile anti-tank group on the trucks, which, at the request move to threatened sectors where there are attempts columns of tanks and armored fighting vehicles to move through urban development and provide a saturation of the battle formations with anti-tank weapons (“Cornet”, TOW, RPG).

After the political goals of the operation is gone from the agenda, the military predict that fully liberate Mosul really for 1.5-2 months in the optimistic scenario and 4-5 months in worst case. Among the problems – a large number of civilians in Mosul, which constrains non-stop air strikes and artillery on residential neighborhoods. A human shield in Mosul were even more numerous through to Aleppo and the Iraqis again, in practice, faced the same challenge Assad faces in Aleppo, when terrorists take hostage the entire population. To fully avoid civilian casualties is impossible, we are talking about the maximum possible to minimize civilian casualties. The Iraqis in this regard face more difficulties.

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Такие фотографии лучше всяких простыней текста объясняют, почему Халифат должен быть уничтожен.

На тему вопросов – как выглядят смертники и можно ли их отличить от обычных людей?
Всех этих персонажей уже нет в живых.




UPD: the link – compilation of videos taken from UAV, where Shaheed-mobiles of the Caliphate attacked the Iraqi troops. At least 2 destroyed/damaged “Abrams” and a bunch of Humvees and other armored fighting vehicles. Well, apparently a few dozen dead and wounded.


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