“Hezbollah” on the March | Colonel Cassad

Know now the sword of Ali, Oh Wahabist!





The Mechanized division of “Hezbollah” holds military parade in Quseir (near Damascus). Tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, self-propelled guns, trucks. Lebanese resources call this connection “the 1st mechanized division in the history of the movement”. That showed, a division of course technology is not yet typed, but an A-team, full. Part of the equipment we need to understand is of Syrian origin, and some BMPs are clearly originally from Lebanon.

And here still such here.

Plus satellite photo of the area, which hosted the parade.


3 responses to ““Hezbollah” on the March | Colonel Cassad

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  2. From all that I have learned about Hezbollah, they are a well trained, well disciplined and highly moral military force and one for which I am grateful as a force for good. Their steadfast and stoic adherence to the task at hand, in defeating the extremist terrorists and aiding the Syrian people will surely put them in good stead in the future. May their fortitude carry them to victory.


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