Russian President Vladimir Putin’s advisor, political scientist and strategist Aleksander Dugin visited the parliamentary group meeting of ruling Justice and Development (AK Party) on Tuesday.

Dugin, who said earlier that Russia had warned the Turkish state authorities of the ongoing junta preparation one day prior to the failed coup attempt of July 15 organized by the Gülenist terror cult (FETÖ), visited the Turkish parliament.

He visited the site of the Turkish parliament, which was bombed by pro-coup jets on the night of July 15; he also had a short conversation with Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım, following the group meeting speech of the latter.

In response to the questions of Turkish journalists, Dugin said that he did not bring any private message from Putin; his presence in Ankara was to show the special friendship of Russia to Turkey.

Dugin highlighted the FETÖ threat, pointing out that the terrorist group aimed at harming Russian-Turkish bilateral relations.

On July 15, 2016 a FETÖ-led coup attempt took place in Turkey. FETÖ is designated as a threat to national security of Turkey and terrorist cult, and stands accused of a long sheet of crimes, the latest being the failed coup attempt in which 246 people were killed and 2,200 were injured.



Aleksandr Dugin answered the questions.

When Dugin said that there was a rapprochement between Russia and Turkey, some sections immediately said that it was uncomfortable. Dugan said, “This is actually a way of thinking that challenge the hegemony and sovereignty of the United States, when the new Eurasianism. Rapprochement with Russia and Turkey, the US and the Western world now are offended by it, he is doing his best to ruin it.” Expression.


Dugin reported that they had taken all the efforts of their hands during the aircraft crisis and the coup attempt to improve relations between Russia and Turkey and that they had taken the right steps towards a close strategic partnership between Turkey and Russia.

Wedding, “Our study results, Mr. bold way Mr Erdogan met with Putin by telephone. Which played a very important role in the improvement of bilateral relations ‘apology’ after work on, we will be an attempt Feton that we understand, and to do so on behalf of the United States.” said.

“That who the forces outside Feton” on the question, Wedding, “the US and have a policy that is insisted from the West. Erdogan is conducting an independent policy and a strong Turkey steps as long as the horse to, restructuring in Turkey, US advocacy more this process Will sharply pierce it sharply, and will oppose Turkey-Russia relations. “ Gave the answer.

Dugin pointed out that there could be provocations in Syria and Iraq for the deterioration of Turkey-Russia relations.

Aleksandr Dugin, of Feton risk in Turkey not to attract attention fully disappear, “We as friends Turkey, we are facing is always this kind of initiative that can be done then in Turkey. A lot of provocation, action can be, and currently are in preparation. That this preparation Not just the FETO, they stand behind them. “ Expression.

Dugin stated that the purpose of FETO’s coup attempt was not just to regime change, but to divide the country by creating internal disturbances. Wedding, “(15 July) with the support internal actors in Turkey shows that the aim was to divide Turkey. Purpose removing the internal strife to divide Turkey and was wiped from the map.” He spoke.



FHA – Russian strategist and political scientist Aleksandr Dugin emphasized that Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed a strategic partnership with Turkey and extended the friendship hand, emphasizing that Russia did not engage in the 15 July event that happened to Turkey, He criticized the strangeness of his alliance with America.

Dugin, who followed the AK Party Group Meeting, then visited the damaged places of the Parliament on July 15th, the VATF coup attempt, where journalists answered the questions.

On the question of whether Russian President Vladimir Putin is the message, Dugin stated that Putin did not send an oral message, he already gave a message with his movements. Dugin emphasized that some people are doing more than what they say, “Mr. Putin’s most important message is offering a strategic partnership to Turkey and extending the friendship hand.” Everyone knows this already, what is the meaning of strategic partnership, experts and intellectuals need to investigate this. “ Expression.

“Who stopped behind the people who bombed the Grand National Assembly of Turkey …”

Dugin, “Turkey NATO member, does not conflict with the position of strategic partnership Turkey?” You will decide, “It is your decision.You are an independent national state, you will decide who is with you, who is your friend, whose enemy you are.Your parliament, you know who is behind the people bombing the Turkish Grand National Assembly. .

On the question that Turkey should not leave NATO, Dugin noted that only Republic of Turkey officials can decide.

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