Kirill Benediktov: the Kremlin’s trump – myths and reality

Kirill Benediktov: the Kremlin’s trump – myths and reality

Pretty well-known myth, which was originally created by the American propaganda that Donald trump is a “candidate of the Kremlin” and “Putin’s puppet”. Then he was, in a sense, caught up in our propaganda, which was to make of Donald trump absolutely a Russophile, and a fan of Putin.+

In General, this is a session of black magic with the subsequent exposure. Because, actually, in my opinion, with all the obvious good attitude trump to Russia, (he here was, perhaps, not even once, and when he was here last time in 2013, he is in his Twitter post wonderful posts about what Moscow is wonderful, and what people are great here, and so on) is absolutely not necessary and even dangerous to fall into some kind of illusion regarding the fact that Donald trump will be President in Russia’s favor. He is the President in favor of America, in favor of the interests of America.+

In cases where these interests coincide with the interests of Russia, Yes, of course. In those cases, when are they going to be a confrontation, we get a partner with whom it will be much harder to deal with than Barack Obama (in my opinion, the weakest over the past decade, the President of the United States).+

In fact, the essence of the Chapter (the final chapters of the book Benediktov “Black Swan” dedicated to Trump – approx.ed.) is that we have a very sober approach to Donald Trump as our partner for the next four to eight years.+

For example, Donald trump is in favor of cooperation with Russia in Syria, the middle East in General and Syria in particular. He says: guys, listen up, Russia wants to understand, she wants to destroy ISIS (banned in Russia – approx.ed.). Because ISIS is her real danger. Let’s give her the opportunity to destroy ISIS. Why do we waste its resources, why would we risk the lives of their soldiers, if Russia is willing and able to do it. Let’s give to do it.+

That’s the pragmatic point of view. That is, by and large, there was such good in relation to our country, he says. But this is a normal pragmatic approach.+

There are moments in which we clearly will not find common ground. This, for example, Iranian detente. Iran, in General, our potential ally, in any case, the country with which we have fairly good relations in the region. Donald trump is a clear enemy of Iran. He is the enemy of the Iranian détente, which was led by Obama. When he comes to power, he will pursue a much tougher policy toward Tehran than Obama spent. And here we have them some controversy.+

But the biggest positive feature is that unlike almost all other American politicians, he is not motivated ideologically. He is very pragmatic. It comes from what is called real politic. That is, the interests of specific powers and international relations as the sum of the interests of these powers. Ideological American politicians such as Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, before Bush, they were all aimed to develop the foreign policy of the United States in accordance with some ideological dogma.Under Bush it was the neoconservative dogma. Under Obama it was such a liberal internationalism that we saw in Libya. When in order to establish democracy and human rights, destroyed, in General, quite effective welfare state, with a huge number of victims.+

Here under President trump will not happen. President trump will be focused to solve specific problems and achieve specific pragmatic purposes in the interests of the United States, but without any of the ideological tinsel. And in this field we can find much more in common than with the other candidates.+

Stauffenberg was Right!

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