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The map of the ongoing military operations of the French and Italian military at the moment,

France. The total number of about 45 thousand military. At the moment, the main forces are thrown as part of operation “Shamal” in Iraq. The strength of the military forces of France in Iraq in the last month increased significantly. Was transferred the task team Wagram and increased aviation group.

Also, the French are active in Mali, in the framework of operation “Dune” and on the coast of Libya, as part of the secret operations “Sofia”. Given the fact that the operation in Libya is secret, the total number of forces and means participating in it is impossible to determine.

Italy. A priority for the Italians is “operation Sofia”, whose main task is to stop the flow of refugees to Europe. The operation commander is rear Admiral of the Navy of Italy Enrico Credendino. According to the data of a secret NATO report published by WikiLeaks, Credendino asked the Alliance to send troops to Libya six months ago, proving that without this it is impossible to prevent the channels of movement of refugees. Given the activity on the coast of Libya (in this section, you will learn contingent have entered. – zinc

PS. It is worth noting that the Italians even managed to incur losses when the convoy of fighters from Misrata, which was accompanied by the specialists of the SAS and special forces attacked the militants of the Caliphate.
PS2. Sirte by the way still did not take It is a shame.

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