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Today in the capital of the Donetsk people’s Republic is a farewell to “Motorola”.

Farewell ceremony will begin at 12 noon. – zinc

is Below, known by the war correspondent Semyon Pegov about his acquaintance with “Motorola”.

About how he lived the commander of the militia DND Arsen Pavlov, a legendary Motorola, says war correspondent Semyon Pegov.

— Comrade Colonel, I congratulate you on the birth of a son.
— Damn, I’m in the car, on the front, not hear anything
— As Lena?
— Well-everything! I’ll call you leave the front…

This conversation with Motorola I had just two weeks ago. The guys from DNR magnoli that the family of Paul replenishment. Our last conversation…

the Moscow morning. The apartment was on the street Flotskaya a half hour walk from the metro station “Water stadium”. Motorola always got up early. Even during this short vacation.

— Poland, on gilyaks! — Shouts of the red-bearded commander. Muscovites walking their dogs, with anxiety revised and accelerate the step. Where comes the voice, will understand immediately. And maydanovsky slogan in the Metropolitan yards in the midst of the conflict in Donbas effect on passers-by even more invigorating than a strong Cup of coffee.

In August 2014, Motik, and Lena was passing in the capital. Before that, they had a rest in Russian Crimea. First break after months of constant shelling, Jogging from one to the other cellars of Semenovka under Slavonic. From the DNR when it was First released (the so-called rifle men).

Motor twice in one week “broke down”. First, fell asleep at the wheel of the APC in Snow and tore down several trees in its path, saved that in an armored personnel carrier he was in full uniform — armor, helmet brand. And then, after a couple of days after the wedding with Lena — had an accident near Khartsyzsk. Of course, the Motor is strongly invigorated, even when he just stuck with plaster, but to fight like this couldn’t even it.

* * *

— Poland on gilyaks!

So began each morning. This was all Motorola. During the war, he tested the stability of the psyche of their own supporters — Sasakawa at high speed into the checkpoint and uruba full column of his holed in several places on the jeep. From the speakers was heard: “Yushchenko is our present!” Some Ukrainian fashion rap era still orange revolution. No less life-affirming sounded combines the chants of the group 25/17 and Revyakin: “Commander jarosz — red-black wings”.

The frightened militia sometimes distort the closures in the face of such utter ideological contradiction in its territory. In response, I heard laughter filling the redhead with comments like: “Boys, you sho, not bachite? It’s me, Motorola.”

He loved to play trick, to enter into a stupor. It was teenage audacity, and balanced position. Their “provocations” as if he exposed the reality nicked it — and watched it’s real or not.

In moments of extreme overload is when carrying only broken by ambulance after the accident — the Motor always wanted a very simple, and therefore impossible things. So, for example, he vehemently demanded ikeevskogo hot dogs. In Donetsk in the midst of summer, their artillery was, of course, do not get it. And he explained: “When I worked as a security guard at IKEA — we have such hot dogs you can have for free, nothing like I have not eaten”.

A few days later we sat in a fish restaurant “Shell”, and he regaled all around conch shell, drinking latte’s all that — all the waiters know you need to add 30 grams of cognac.

Fine manners in one second could change completely unpatriotic desires — on arrival in Rostov-on-don, for example, we first went to McDonald’s. Gaining all garbage, then, happy, tormented by heartburn.

“We got through the area just heartburn” — a phrase in the style of the Motor. So he commented on the mortar attack. Another type of pearl “Yes, his visor fell” (about a man who went mad) — it is also the language of the case. He communicated with loved ones on some own sparkling slang.

* * *

In Rostov we went to the sink. The Engine worked before the war. Even have graffiti, drawn by his hand. Industrial landscape, the contours of skyscrapers. The owner of the enterprise was home, but rushed over as soon as the workers called and said that Arsene arrived. Kissed him like his own son. Not because became famous, and because I worked there for two years, no less. Messed up, was restless, but native. And, you know, seen. Is not tampered with.

A Motor represented a kind of “God of war”. Of course, it was. It at first glance blind courage not to bribed, she tore open all the templates on how to fear for your life.

That is, when the phone is displayed Motorola — be prepared to hear: “Well, are you going to write stand-up under the “grad”?”

I agree. It was absolutely crazy.

Vaughan (right hand Wife) took us in the field of Nikolayevka, vasarnicu apparently were targeting the installation before the decisive assault. Rockets plowed the fields, planted potatoes and sunflowers. The clods of earth opalennye scraps flying in the face. But still it was “Grad”. I often dangled with the Motor alone, without the operator himself filmed. But a good half of my standapol on the front line have recorded the Motor. The one under the “Grad”, too. When he did, brandishing a huge scandal erupted. Without crying about it will tell.

Melee, bullets whizzing by his head — literally. The motor has just recovered from injuries sustained in accidents, — the soldiers of his division are encouraged by the commander personally involved in the battle as before.

Shoots one RPG, then starts to burn the fog from the grenade launcher. In a moment of mutual gunfire calms down a little. I am asking Motorola to take a camera and record me a Comedy. It makes all the military quickly puts the gun to the wall, picks up a dusty and beaten “Canon” — in the frame I meteoroloski machine, “parked” against the wall. How much did it stink… Like I’m not a journalist, and the military, and so Knew only they who stand-up was recorded.

* * *

Of course, sometimes his jokes looks challenging. Come to the same Ilovaysk to seven o’clock in the morning. His unit should be build. The boys slept in. Motorola two evils.
Without thinking, the commander launches the VOG in the grenade launcher and aiming at has already been destroyed by the shelling of the Ukrainian artillery the roof. Click the grenade explodes over the heads of sleeping subordinates. After a few seconds all the line down on the parade ground. “Alarm clock” meteoroloski.

With the enemy Bike worked just fine, as with his subordinates. The first psychological attack on the APU organized it. At some point there was a rumor that in Slavyansk separatists are fighting the Chechens. The bike was not taken aback and began to exploit the legend in their favor.

At the checkpoint, where the distance to APU was minimal, five hundred meters, no more, installed huge speakers. Duty run at full volume the prayer in strictly certain hours, according to Muslim canons. As told then the Ukrainian soldiers from these chants in the Donetsk steppe, they have hair on their heads moving.

Prayer followed by songs of the legendary Chechen bard Timur Mutsurayev. But if militia soldier during the attack on the Ukrainian checkpoint shouted “Allahu Akbar” — he was supposed extra rations and ammunition (they were tight). So the clashes APU guys exaggeratedly emphasized the affiliation to Islam. Long beards of those who fought in Semenovka also from this Opera. To go on the attack — called “podijeliti”. And the very ideology of confrontation with the Pro-European nationalists pretty soon called “Orthodox Jihad.” Inspired by these existential definition, of course, the Bike.

* * *

He was considered a nationalist. But in the case of Arsen is a harsh word. He does not divide people by skin color. The squad fought as conventional Slavs, and Caucasians, Central Asians, too, went into battle side by side with the guys. All his nationalism consisted in a simple formula: “I consider myself a Russian — build a strong house, build a strong family, defend the Motherland”. That matters to me.

When in Moscow, in the subway it came to healthy men with a desire to shake hands, say how tough you are, we support you. Motor arm is not pressed. He spoke each to the bully: “If you support me, why are you here?”.

In civilian life he was not alone. Rules of the game were clear to him, but caused a feeling of rejection. Crossed the border. Our, Russian, the guard was questioned Arsene as a kid some. Although everyone knew that the TV he (the guard) is. Not even a show-off thing. And in a principle of jealousy. There was a conversation on the front Bike any warrior would be pushed, because in the battle proved everything, and then had to restrain themselves, to adapt…

* * *

We were friends. When the militia came out of Nikolayevka, Matroska guys were the last to cover the retreat. The city has worked to everyone — “Gradami”, “Hurricanes”, tanks. I happened to be there.
The boys were tired, the Bike was on edge — before the betrayal took place. One hundred militia withdrew from the position and went to Bezler in Gorlovka. This hole in the defense of the APU was used effectively.
I was there, had to drag the wounded. Hands are not enough, we Motor did it together, it was night, we were lost, tired, got out. Have since become like family.

The best pics of the Motor made Stenin — fotokor RIA “Novosti”. Andrei died in August 2014, under the Snow. Arsen was very worried. He was close to crazy. The first time his squad fought Solnyshko, girl-sniper from Belarus. Could in the direction of their shot. She was afraid and believed “volcanoes”. Motor took it to the OU with a dozen Ukrainian officers she took some shots for sure. And such charismatic he was ninety percent of the detachment.
For her it is not that the break up was ready on the respect of comrades and became a cult. If someone died, to evacuate the body — the main task above all. The boys risked their lives but to bury their colleague with honor was a matter of principle.
Say, for schools it will shoot through subordinate knees. I have not seen. But I know for sure that when one of the fighters of advanced age asked for help to release his son in Gorlovka, and he was sitting in the basement of Butler, Motik, despite dissent from butlerovskie people went there. Put Butler on the table “Stechkin” pistol, presented to Small for successful operation. And traded the guy for the award. I’ve never heard of other commanders such stories.

* * *

Bike didn’t want fame, suffered from it. It’s true.
Agreed to phone when he returns from the front, but never talked. He often recruited me to Syria, and said, “Hey, what are you doing there? Well I warned you, fight with me!” Called him to visit, answered, that does not work, despite the truce, the front can not leave. The Kingdom of heaven, friend. I’m sorry that we haven’t seen for six months and now will not see ever. – zinc

PS. And very illustrative material on how the response and their Western backers are fighting with Motorola on social networks

Even when he died, he continues to fight because you know, to kill a man is easier than the ideals that he championed.


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