The Blood of Motorola is waiting for revenge


In Donetsk killed the legendary commander of the army DND Arseny Pavlov, better known under the Callsign “Motorola”. In the house where resided the commander of the battalion “Sparta”, detonated an explosive device attached to the Elevator cable. At the moment of explosion the building was the wife of Motorola with two children. Their life is out of danger. The most likely perpetrator of the murder – Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance groups. In Donetsk entered the plan “Interception”.

Portrait Of A Hero

Arseny Pavlov, aka Motorola, was born in 1983 in the Komi Republic. 3 years he served in the 77th separate guards Moscow-Chernigov order of Lenin red banner order of Suvorov brigade of Marines. Participated in military actions in the Chechen Republic (“two times for six months”, in his own words), in civilian life he worked as memordica. In an interview with the newspaper “Tomorrow” in 2014, the legendary fighter explained why decided to defend the people of Novorossiya:

“Russian here, here and here. Have already said: as soon as thrown Molotov cocktails on the Maidan in police officers, it became clear to me – all is war. After the Nazis declared that for every will kill ten Russians is to wait until the threat becomes a reality, meaning I have not seen.”

Motorola became famous during the battle under Slavonic, where he led the fighting on one of the most difficult – Sochi direction. When departure militias from Slavyansk Motorola covered the retreat of the main forces holding positions in the village of Nikolaevka. One of the first Arseny Pavlov was awarded the highest military award of Russia – the George cross.

Motorola formed a special battalion “Sparta” except Slavyansk, took part in battles for Ilovaisk, Donetsk airport and the capture of debaltseve, February 2015. In September 2016, the battalion was transferred to Lugansk following reports of a coup attempt in the LC.

Arseny Pavlov was not only one of the most successful commanders of the new Russia, but a symbol of the “Russian spring”. His murderers wanted not only to kill one of their commanders of the enemy, but to destroy the man who personified the Russian resistance of Donbass and Russian victory.

Ukraine. Donetsk. October 17, 2016. The cordon on Cheluskintsev street at the house where the explosion killed one of the militia commanders DND with the Callsign “Motorola” Arseny Pavlov. Mikhail Sokolov/TASS

A Declaration of war

The head of DNR Alexander Zakharchenko said that the murder of Motorola, Kyiv has once again announced to the Donbass war. “I understand, Poroshenko broke a truce and declared war on us”, – said Zakharchenko journalists. The murder of the legendary commander coincided with the escalation of the conflict. On the eve of Ukrainian troops tried to break through in the direction of Mariupol, a day before it was hit by the helicopter APU, which presumably were the instructors of NATO.

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko shortly before a landmark murder said that Ukraine is not going to fulfill the political part of Minsk agreements. First of all it concerns the government, and de facto independence of people’s republics of Donbass. The murder of the commander of the militia Kiev demonstrates that it is not going to play by the rules, even Minsk, and puts on direct aggression.

The murder of Motorola could be interested only by the official Kiev and Pro-Ukrainian oligarchic lobby in the national republics, focusing on the elimination of heroes and leaders of the “Russian spring” and the gradual return of Donbas under the Ukrainian control. However, destroying such a public figure, they openly bury the Minsk process.

“After Poroshenko’s statements and killing Motorola “Minsk” is really buried already and in a practical sense – as a tactical game”, – said the editor of Department of politics of the Internet newspaper “the View” Peter Akopov. I agree with this opinion and other experts.

The only alternative to the “Minsk” is the victory over the regime of Kiev and the liberation of the occupied territories of new Russia. It is for this arrived in the Donbass Arseny Pavlov. It is the Testament of a fallen hero.

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