On the death of Arsen Pavlov | Colonel Cassad



Regarding the death of “Motorola” yesterday’s reaction was more than revealing – on the one hand they were straining to prove that Pavlov was a nobody and nothing, and on the other side you heard a SQUEAL of animal joy that he finally was killed, so they hated him. Motorola was primarily a symbol, which he made himself. Of course, his popularity played a major role in the Russian and Ukrainian media that hyped an unknown person to the level of popularity of the leading commanders of new Russia, but it is worth remembering that arrived at Donbass in the normal volunteer, the popularity he earned himself taking part in combat and became famous with his actions in the defense of Slavyansk in Semenovka and Nikolaevka, and in the subsequent battles for Donetsk in Miusinsk and Ilovaisk.That is the glory “Motorola” was formed not on an empty place, he built for her Foundation, as volunteers came in many, but not all were able to grow from virtually a private soldier in the “Engine” who was known and respected, though scold for excessive media.

The main acts of the “Motorola” occurred in the spring-summer 2014 and further, he increasingly became one of the main symbols of the DNI in the image of a decorated soldier who did not climb in a policy and simply fought, avoiding a showdown in the camp of “fathers-commanders”.

At that, the farther, the more he was hated in Ukraine. With every failed attempt, with every bullet or shrapnel that passed increased the intensity of hatred to him as the image that has developed around the “Motorola” just did to cramp brought svidomo and Russian colleagues on the “mind”.The image of the man of the people, “some car” that became a hero (as well as “Givi”, which before the war was a security guard at the store) too obviously tearing templates modern “white bone”, which sees people as cattle that can not nominate from its ranks the brightest representatives of which participate in the formation of history while another critic office through clenched teeth to strain about the car, which in fact as a person is much better than them. And really like them for that, hated svidomye, because “the strongest army of Europe” could not cope with the “car” and “guards”.

Yesterday on the street was a holiday, but their problem is that they don’t understand what that had to do “Motorola” for the construction of the Republic, to destroy much harder than just killing the person. And when you left this world, Pavlov dissolved into nothingness, as the vast part happily prancing about his death, and will dissolve in the already established character that many will survive.”Motorola” of course waiting for posthumous glorification in the monuments and names of streets, and perhaps will appear in Russia Arsene Pavlov street, as it is quite clear that in the Donbass “Motorola” fought not only for the local people’s Republic, but also Russia.

I personally do not happen to know a Pavlova in person, but from experience with well-known leaders of the new Russia that Pavlov knew how much better I had of him a favorable impression as a man who existed beyond the media images created around it. For those who think the new Russia is not an empty sound, the death of Pavlova is definitely a tragedy. But I will allow myself to slightly paraphrase Esenin’s poem on the death of Lenin.

Here he died…
Crying shame.
Don’t glorify the Muse’s voice troubles.
Menopausic of the Swingers
a salute to the latest Duden, Duden.
The one who saved us, not anymore.
It really is not, and those who wive,
And those who left he
Country in a raging flood
Needs to put in concrete.

They do not say:
Pavlov died!”
Their death to grief failed.
Even more severe and guruma
They do his works…

I would Like to. to the case, which served as Pavlov, it was continued by his colleagues and those who worked, is working and continues to work the case of a Free Donbass and the new Russia.

Well related to the death of Pavlova more than clearly demonstrates the difference between people and those they pretending.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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