Dugin’s Guideline – Trump began in the United States a new revolution for your freedom and ours




Today is Columbus day and the discovery of America. But time meanwhile is moving inexorably to November 8 – election day of the President of the United States. Recently was the last round of debates between the protégée of World government Hillary Clinton and Express the will of ordinary Americans – Donald trump, representative of real America. Everything will be decided soon.

In these American elections for the first time in a century again solved a fundamental question: where to go United States of America? This problem was solved during the War for independence, when without full public support the Freemasons from the Lodge of “Sons of liberty”, raised a rebellion against the crown of Her Majesty.

For the second time in American history life was in the Civil war, when the universalist Republican North, driven by liberal progressivism, defeated the South, which was seen in the initiatives of Lincoln and the attempt on self-government States. Third time in the history of the fundamentally significant have 14 points of President Woodrow Wilson, when he after the First world war declared that the United States take unilateral mission to be the guarantor of democracy and liberalism on a planetary scale.

That is, from the traditional isolationism America has moved to Imperial expansion, taking over from the former mother country – Britain, which, in turn, became the periphery of the new, this time the American Empire.


The success of the USA in the twentieth century only reinforced the globalist elite of the States, made them believe that they are doing everything right, but the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 marked the establishment of the unipolar world. The question of the proclamation of World government, to which the Masonic lodges were continued for several centuries, it seemed, was now imminent.

The United States was not more serious contender, and raised his head neo-conservatives – ex – Trotskyites- have announced the beginning of a New American century. The construction of a global American Empire has entered its final phase.

All candidates – both Democrats and Republicans – agreed with this approach. All, but not Donald trump. This is the uniqueness of the current situation. Trump is a real genuine absolute the American. For him, freedom is always the freedom of choice, freedom of speech and freedom of action. You never know what you think of the elite, you never know what required by the rules of political correctness. If it goes against my will and my mind, I don’t care. That’s what I was given freedom.

Or, as the motto of new Hampshire “Be free or die” (Live Free or Die). This is the motto of Donald trump. Freedom is the freedom to say anything “Yes” or “no”. Likewise can be said to globalism and the neo-conservatives and the politically correct elites and World government. Trump is not an ideologue, he’s clearly not far-reaching strategy. He just thinks from America – his America first! Not an empty word. If America is to be great, his program will be executed.

But this greatness is incompatible with the continuation of the current course. US together and hate all the peoples and countries of the world, even allies. Just some are still afraid and dependent on them, while others have not. And at the head of those who are not afraid and does not depend, – Putin’s Russia. For World government is the main enemy. But not for Donald trump. If Russia encroaches on the United States? For their territorial integrity? Want to apply for a US strike? Undermines the economic power? In no way. Putin is at war with ISIS (prohibited in Russia) And rightly so!

Putin rejects World government and insists on sovereignty, so this is just the American way. After all, freedom comes first. Perhaps, this tough guy could be is not an enemy but a friend and ally. In that case, of course, if America to be great again. Great and free.

So Donald trump condemned. Is acting in the name of liberalism and freedom, the world elite bankers and globalists hates more than her freedom. As outward – in the face of Putin, and in the face of trump.

But most importantly, irreversibly. Never the United States will no longer be the same. Trump, in fact, started a new American revolution. And again, a revolution for freedom. This time for freedom from maniacal globalist elite. And this is like a Genie out of the bottle. Released – now can not hide. And trump – he himself or his followers after the election in any case will not go away. American society felt again the taste of freedom. Freedom to decide, to choose, to speak and act. For your freedom and ours, dear American brothers.

Many believe we, Russian, are prone to slavery. How little you know us! We are the most freedom-loving people in the world. Our freedom is endless, but that’s why we are afraid of her. and every time we choose a strict order. Otherwise, there is a risk that we are all separated…


Stauffenberg was Right!

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