Dugin’s Guideline – Madness Day


Hello, you are watching a program Directive Dugin. On 10 October, the UN declared a mental health day. A reason to talk about this urgent problem.

The words “psyche” and, therefore, mental health can throw us off. Greek “psyche” means soul, and in the context of the European Greco-Roman culture soul have always understood as what appears in man in the moment of conception (or soon after) and that no longer dies, surviving physical death. This Christian view is based on more ancient beliefs of the Greeks and other peoples of the Mediterranean civilization. So “psyche” is the soul.But the soul is something that can survive the death of that exist in the full sense of the word after death, preserving the memory and the mind, feelings and thoughts. And moreover, that soul to unite with the body at the moment of Resurrection to stand before the last judgment. In a word, the soul will find himself in his real nature at the moment of our death. In a sense, the death of the body there is birth of the soul. This built all ascetic practices – especially the monk. Umervschlenie body for the awakening of the soul.

But the UN and modern science has mind something completely different, and even in some sense opposite. Traditional ideas about the soul of both Christian and pre-Christian are considered to be the utter nonsense of the dark ages. But if someone in the modern world begins in earnest to insist on this understanding of the soul – as that does not die with the body and retains the status of a living and thinking being,
let invisible to bodily eyes, he has the potential to land you in a psychiatric hospital. The person who believes in the soul, in its traditional Christian sense, is likely mentally ill and needs treatment. That is, the opposite is true: the mentally healthy who does not believe in the soul, and unhealthy who believe.

Psyche in this case is not the soul, although the original meaning of the word is the same. Psyche is something between processes induced by the nerve cells, and rational thinking, to the mechanical nature which is more inclined to modern philosophers and biologists working on issues of cognition. Therefore, mental health, mental norm is defined through physical disorder, the painful experience of the body, which can be treated with medication, and after compliance with the forms of thinking, which in this society are taken for regulatory.If you feel anything like correspond to the way all think and act around you then you are mentally healthy. From the UN today, and wishes. Continue in the same spirit.

But look what’s crept substitution: if you want to be or, at least, be considered normal in our modern society, you have to deny the soul – though not declarative, and so, by default. If you are a religious man, the scope of mental health require you whenever the religious texts or rituals we are talking about the soul, angels, the last judgment, the immortality and the resurrection of the dead, to treat this as poetic metaphors. They say it’s a nice aesthetic exaggeration. While it may be like to know if it
will be more than that. That’s going to die, secretly we think, and see. But while living, not to look mentally ill, we better not say anything. The Communists, however, had to remain silent not only because of the desire to conform to majority opinion and the norms of science, but in fear of direct repression – both mental and political. If the person does not believe that evolved from apes, it’s a dangerous, mentally ill, believed the Communists. And acted with such accordingly.

Liberal psychiatry was softer, but its principles were essentially the same. Soul, of course not, it’s tales and the remnants of the dark times. But since any individual is free to believe whatever you wanna believe in any nonsense, then let them believe. Only let them not interfere with others to do business and engage in consumption. And the main thing – to claim their noble phantasm as something valuable for others. It makes it difficult. Soul, of course not, this is a scientific truth. But if you want, assume that it is, if you so desire. It does not mean that you are mentally ill. But who today is healthy, in our time. Scientific grumble Freudians in believing that humans differ from each other only diagnosis. Ill all one – of-neurotics, psychotics other. And treat those who he wants to and feels that something is wrong. So a mental health day for a liberal society is the day of a psychiatrist. Not poorly paid profession, I must say.

All the best, have you watched the program Directive Dugin on the bottom of mental health.

This day is clearly not our day. Our day could carry another name – day of the Soul, the immortal and saved by Christ.

See the archive transmission – http://tsargrad.tv/

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