The Assault On Aleppo. 08.10.2016 | Colonel Cassad

The Assault On Aleppo. 08.10.2016



By 8 October the attackers have achieved a tactical success.

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North of the city and the SAA and “Liwa al-Quds” completely took quarter Avidia, key height to the South of the district, the denouement of Jandul (there is still a battle, and full control there, although the flag has hung there) and part of the destroyed building Manager-algbraic in the North-West. In fact, the rebels crawl away in neighborhoods Ayun-tal and Haidari. Before their assault, the army will have to take the height of Asfar, which will ensure full comfort during the assault on the Northern neighborhoods of Aleppo. In the coming days we can expect that boiler to Aleppo reduced in size due to the retreat of the militants in the North.


The only success of the insurgents in recent days – in a counter attack managed to squeeze parts of the Republican Guard several buildings and a vacant lot a block Sahour, eliminated the immediate threat to the road to the airport of Aleppo. Apparently, counterattacks were made at the expense of the forces taken from the Northern part of the city, and that led to the weakening of defense in the North of the boiler.


In the South, the army is gradually moving in the neighborhoods of Sheikh said and al-Ameriya and North-East of Ramouseh, created the preconditions for the use of part of road Sheikh Saeed Ramosaj, which will play the role of a belt, using which the army will be more convenient to carry out further operations to sweep the southern districts. From the outside of the ring, fighting in building 1070 on the outskirts of Rashidin 5 special success of the SAA have not brought. The militants, too, though there is nothing as its surrounded by “colleagues” I can not help, apparently forces for a counterattack is not enough.

Generally, SAA and its allies continue to maintain positive dynamics in the development of the assault on Aleppo as every day the boiler is gradually reduced in size, although the collapse of the defense of the militants we have not yet seen – they continue to hope that the West will rescue them.

Plans for the SAA is quite prosaic – convert the accumulated tactical successes into strategic victory, which will be the capture of the city. And achievements so far serve as an additional motivation to continue offensive operations.


To the North of the city developments are very funny. Cost of “green” to take Akhtarin and was already ready to throw in the direction of the Mare, followed by the offensive of the Caliphate, which is pulling reserves drove green back to the North despite the fact that “green” was supported by Turkish aircraft and artillery. The FSA militants fled Octarina that postpone the threat environment Dubica. Along the way, the Caliphate have occupied a number of settlements around Octarina, expanding the neck of the protrusion.Once again it can be noted low resistance of the infantry of the PAS in direct collision with the Caliphate, and the Turkish military-technical assistance did not  completely neutralize this fundamental disadvantage.
CuPBQEXWEAAlKEH.jpg large.jpg

It should also be noted that during the counter-offensive of SAA in Hama province today is the liberated 7 villages, the enemy retreats to the streets of mA’an. If the militants will not be able to reverse the trend, we can say that as a result of fights in their own ranks, they actually gave free SAA operational initiative in the Northern province. In such cases, the SAA will no longer withdraw forces from Aleppo under once and since then things went smoothly.

PS. Title photo Russian aircraft over the suburbs of Aleppo. The Russian Air forces are working almost non-stop near Aleppo in August, which plays an important role in the recent successes of the Syrian army.



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