Toward a Fourth Economic & Environmental Policy

Toward a Fourth Economic & Environmental Policy

Within such a materialist matrix, economics is neither a topic of study nor an institutional framework of a society’s wealth; rather, it is treated as the divine spark of all creation. In the Global Capitalist worldview, money is man’s ultimate goal, and economics his raison d’etre. We Eurasianists do not subscribe to this bleak and meaningless conception of life. We are not Global Capitalists.

Instead, we conceive of an economic system that serves as a strong bulwark protecting the laboring masses – we do not view the system itself to be the pinnacle of all human aspirations. For us, the retention of traditional culture, ethnic identity and environmental integrity are all much more valuable than any and all economic factors. To be precise: we view the economy as nothing more than a necessary evil – a giant commonwealth which exists only to serve the people, and not vice versa. Hence the Fourth Economic Policy of Eurasianism, which is neither Capitalist (the first economic policy) nor Marxist (the second) nor Fascist-Corporatist (the third), but Integralist – an economic philosophy which combines the very best attributes of the previous three systems and supports the view that each society’s economy should accurately reflect its own unique cultural, social and economic traditions.

Thus, Integralism views all of the socio-economic classes from the standpoint of a unified organic (i.e. integral) whole – each just as important as the rest. It is therefore totally at odds with: (1) exploitation Capitalism (which only values Big Business), (2) class-warfare Marxism (which only values the international proletariat), and (3) the anti-labor and ethnic chauvinist position of fascist corporatism.

Unlike the three abovementioned systems, the Fourth Alternative is particularly aligned to the ethnic, cultural and political necessities – indeed, to the overarching Destiny – of the Eurasian peoples. And so, it is defined by the principles of Non-Usury, Labor, and Traditional Economic Method (which of course varies from culture to culture). Hence the Eurasian economic philosophy is a three-part system that will provide an environment in which no worker will be exploited by devious/usurious economic policies, and in which all shall have an equal chance of ownership and success – the deciding factor being ambition.

Under the Fourth economic system: what one produces, one owns. In other words: the greater a worker’s productivity, the greater his wealth. The current liberal-capitalist system of financial slavery will cease to exist in our coming society. Thus, if it is discovered that any industry or business is exploiting and/or abusing its employees, the Eurasian State shall prosecute all guilty parties and shut down their operations. The convicted shall then have their citizenship privileges revoked. To put it bluntly: he who refuses to do honest work shall also be refused citizenship and participation in our society.

As for trade and commerce under the Fourth Economic Policy, it shall continue as before but with one immutable stipulation: there shall be no form of usury injected into the economic system. Never again will non-Eurasians be able to use capital to exploit and enslave Eurasian workers. This is because non-Eurasians will not be included in either our society or our economic system. It must be understood that, above all, the Eurasianist economic system is protectionist, which is to say pro-native-labor.

More than a mere economic system, this is a folkish worldview, yet in a positive non-fascist sense. In other words, this is a worldview which loves its own yet does not hate others. As such, the Fourth Economic Policy upholds the belief that all of the fruits of the Eurasian’s mind and labor, produced by him and through him, should naturally benefit him as well.

When the Eurasian State is established, never again will the territories and regions of Eurasia transfer any of their own generated wealth to the oppressive Atlanticist areas of the world. This is an essential point. All business dealings and investments, all technological instruction and military cooperation shall cease between the Eurasian Union and the Atlanticist World. It must be understood that since the latter’s liberal-capitalist ideology is so incredibly adaptable, any and all dealings with the Atlanticists only strengthens their position of global dominance. The Atlanticist West (and the USA in particular) must be cut off completely. And so, our first order of “business” will be to destroy the Global Capitalist system operating within the Eurasian countries – a system of high interest loans and legalized global racketeering.

In true shylock-mafia fashion the Global Capitalist order does not reward individuals according to true worth, but according to how fat one’s bank account is. When a multi-billion dollar corporation gets around the law in order to scam the gullible peons out of their hard-earned money (I say “gets around” because the ultra-rich never seem to be able to actually break any laws), the corporation is not only excused by the plutocratic government, but it is provided with more of the poor peasants’ money! This is how Wall Street and the global banksters and big corporations are able to continue amassing their undeserved wealth.

Global Capitalism is nothing more than plunderocracy, and so it must be destroyed and replaced with a more natural and honest system. Marxism and fascist-corporatism have long since failed to rein in (let alone destroy) the Big Moneyed Beast. Eurasianist applied economics is the only viable system that can potentially defeat Finance Capitalism globally.

Therefore, immediately upon the establishment of the Eurasian State, vital industries necessary for the people’s basic survival shall be nationalized. These industries include: energy, communications, water, other utilities, public transportation, and the healthcare/medical professions – essentially all industries vital to the basic welfare of the State and its citizenry. For the sake of maintaining a healthy economy, a central bank will be established.

Now on to the topic of the Eurasian labor union. This is a body, a unit, which is not a socio-economic leveraging organization, but rather a federally integrated association of productive forces that are charged with the task of representing occupational interests (not class interests). Infinitely superior to the liberal and Marxist trade unions, which only specialize in class warfare terrorism, the Eurasian labor union celebrates both the social and the ethno-cultural aspects of the Eurasian worker’s identity thereby providing him with true membership in both his local and federal community, and thus warranting the full protection of the State. The Eurasian worker is thus a true comrade, meaning that he has worth or value. Indeed, the function of the Eurasian labor union is nothing other than the mission of Eurasianism itself. In other words there is no separation or barrier existing between the individual and the local or federal collective – duties will be performed reciprocally and to the benefit of both the individual and the collective. Naturally then, all productive members of the Eurasian Union are to be considered as fellow comrades.

And so, it is easy to see that Eurasianists are against the unbridled avarice of the Capitalist system, the inherent laziness of the Marxist system, and the overt racism of the corporate-Fascist system. All three philosophies are but two sides of the same dull materialist coin – philosophies seeking to fit a naturally vertical world into a horizontal frame, through either the superiority of money or class or race. All three economic philosophies desire to make everything bland and uniform – particularly the Capitalist and Marxist ideologies; from the same bland Big Mac that can be found in Detroit and Singapore, to the same drab gray apartment blocks still seen in Pyongyang and any number of former eastern bloc states.

Both Capitalism and Marxism are philosophies that consider economics to be the center of all existence. Whereas one system consumerizes, the other collectivizes. Both systems rely on the mass-mentality; both are entirely quantitative, seeking to make all things cheaper, faster and more abundant. To a large degree, fascist corporatism (basing everything on shared citizenship or race) is also guilty of the same quantitative mindset, though it never really got the chance to develop. Nevertheless, Eurasianism – in contrast to these other philosophies – values qualitative principles like ambition and skill, and thus values true worth.

Most importantly, one should understand that the Eurasianist conception of economics is purely ethical, as opposed to profit-driven. Within our economy (as in all other spheres) there exists a natural meritocratic infrastructure. Those who want to advance by means of their unrestrained ambition will do so. Those who are habitually lazy will also find a place in our society, but at the bottom of the ladder. It must be made perfectly clear that there will be no room whatsoever in our society for dole-collecting parasites, which include both lazy welfare recipients and stock market fat-cats.

When the ethnic aspect is added to the State’s meritocratic economy, the result is a system of true Volksgemeinschaft (or “People’s Community”). Under a system of Volksgemeinschaft, the People are valued as an organic body responsible for the generation of all culture, politics, economics and related vehicles of human progress. All is created by the People, and then necessarily for the People’s own benefit. Historically this fundamentally folkish – or better, narodnik – worldview was very much alive in the systems of ancient Sparta, the Muslim Caliphate, the Viking communities of northern Europe, the lands of Russian Cossackdom, and yet also within the socialist republics of the old USSR. Where the folkish worldview was thoroughly praised though conspicuously absent was in the racist regime of one Adolf Hitler – a paradoxical and ultimately fatal fact recognized by a number of revolutionary conservatives, from Ernst Niekisch and Ernst Jünger to the Strasser brothers (Gregor and Otto). Hence, the system of Volksgemeinschaft is one which Eurasianists deeply revere and seek to implement in full.

An important factor here is the elimination of classism – there can be no place for it. This does not mean we advocate for class warfare or the eradication of the classes, as do the Marxists. Rather, we must disencumber ourselves from the burden of snobbishness or chauvinism, as exists among the socio-economic classes in both the liberal bourgeois nations and the former fascist nations. In other words, we must not deny healthy class distinctions. At the same time, we must make sure that the various occupational and professional differences (which certainly do exist between the classes) do not cause any kind of inorganic societal fragmentation, as is the case in the atomized liberal societies of the West. Indeed, we must be ever mindful of just how destructive the classist mindset is to the overall psychological and emotional health of the people. Such a display of plutocratic arrogance inevitably leads to the breakdown of social cohesion via class warfare and finally to the destruction of society itself.
Here, it should be emphasized that the error of Marxism was not in its esteem of the working class; indeed, all truly productive members of a race are its workers, both of the mind and the hand. Where Marxism deviated was in its commitment to the basest aspects of Enlightenment-derived materialism – specifically in Marxism’s commitment to destructive inorganic/anti-traditional principles such as international egalitarianism and class warfare, not to mention its refusal to acknowledge culture as a far greater historical impetus than economics.

Eurasianism values the intrinsic worth of a truly vivacious federal Eurasian community composed of a pluriverse of its indigenous peoples and cultures. Thus, Eurasianism necessarily values the contributions of all its diverse parts. As for the division between worker and employer, there must not be one. Both workers and employers must be considered equal in their worth as producers, since both are equally responsible for the interdependent manual and intellectual growth of the supranational Eurasian community (i.e. Eurasian Union).

Therefore it must be understood by all of the productive individual and group members of the Eurasian Union that the work of the manual laborer is just as important as the opportunity provided to him by his employer; the resultant work of the hand is of equal value to the causal work of the mind. The work of the farmer is just as important and valuable as the work of the medical doctor. The labor of the mechanic is just as vital and meaningful as the groundbreaking achievements of the inventor or pioneer. The labor intensive task of the kindergarten teacher is just as essential as the intellectual output of the graduate school professor. Without the one, there could not be the other.

And so, anti-classism is a vital prerequisite for maintaining a vibrant organic People’s Community wherein all individuals function to their fullest capacity within a healthy meritocratic infrastructure of independent and self-regulating social collectives. To put it another way (allegorically), each of the individual parts of the Eurasian Body are equal in their worth; all are vital to the total health of the Body itself. The shoulder, the arm, the wrist, the hand – one is just as important as all the others, and one cannot function optimally without the others. The same parallel can be drawn among all the professions and occupations of our Eurasian laboring classes. Thus, the negative spirit of classism (and not the socio-economic classes themselves) must be rooted out wherever it is found.

Only then shall the final nail in the coffin of the Globalist Specter be hammered into place; only then shall exploitation Capitalism be annihilated. An ethical Integralism will organically develop in its stead – i.e. an ethical meritocracy will take root within a traditional framework. In addition, there will be a liquidation of the parasitic classes that contribute nothing; a tremendous leveling will occur, and then will follow the rapid implementation of meritocracy in all fields. The latter will swiftly lead to True Aristocracy. In other words, those who deserve power shall attain it. The Eurasianist model of the Fourth Economic Policy shall be set in place for the entire world to see and emulate.

Finally, it must be stressed that the natural environment shall always take precedence over economic concerns. Alongside ethnic and cultural matters, the environment is a great concern for Eurasianists. After all, it is on our terra sacra, our “sacred soil,” that the People must live and flourish for countless generations hence. Reverence and respect for nature is therefore essential.

Needless to say, environmental degradation is a very real phenomenon which has been plaguing the earth since (at least) the second half of the nineteenth century, and it has of course accelerated in recent years. Polluted fresh water sources, maritime oil spills, smog-filled skies, vast stretches of land and sea that are toxic and radioactive, the deforestation of even vaster wooded regions, and other such calamities are threatening to seal humanity’s fate as a doomed species in the 21st century. And with the current global system in place, which values profit above all else, such problems will only increase in scope and severity.

To be sure: the current world economic and political system is to blame. In this regard, we Eurasianists agree with the Green Party folks. Where we disagree is in our conviction as to what Force actually controls the current world system. The leftists (Greens included) typically believe that only unregulated (free-market) capitalism is to blame. They fail to acknowledge two additional interconnected truths: (1) the decadent influence of capitalism’s enabling political counterpart: liberal democracy, and (2) Atlanticist control and manipulation of the liberal capitalist world system (i.e. Globalization) by means of American economic, political, cultural, and military hegemony (or the combined forces of Wall Street, Washington, Hollywood and the Pentagon).

The global Atlanticist elites certainly know that if a nation was to go “green” by harnessing the diverse forces of nature to provide energy, then that nation (or region) would essentially be free of globalist domination. It is partly for this reason that the Eurasian State must nationalize all utilities and vital industries – taking them out of the hands of the transnational oligarchs, and putting them firmly in the hands of the people themselves via the custodianship of the State. Therefore the Eurasian State must work toward the goal of total green energy conversion utilizing the natural gifts of the environment to the fullest.

In addition to going green, the State will have to initiate an extensive long-term program of environmental clean-up, so as to reverse much of the destruction that has already occurred. Funding for environmental restoration programs should therefore be a prime concern for the State. Within the territorial space (or prostrantsvo) of Eurasia, entire cities will need to be cleansed; programs of environmental restoration and restructuring will be carried out in full measure. Wherever it is possible, concrete will be replaced with grass, brown-tide waterways with crystal clear water, decrepit old apartment blocks will be replaced with trees, flowers, gardens, brooks, ponds, meadows, etc. Any business or industry that violates the State-protected sanctity of the Eurasian environment shall be tried, convicted, expropriated of all assets, and its executive staff shall be punished with long prison terms and hard labor. The future Eurasian leadership must possess this high level of passion and consequently act upon it, in order to preserve the natural inheritance of future generations.

As it stands now, when one observes any number of Western urban “meccas” – these cities epitomize the overall degeneracy of the majority of Westerners themselves. They are polluted dens of iniquity filled with every kind of cancerous growth and putrescence. They are not the kinds of places which are conducive to spiritual, cultural or biological health. Indeed, one finds all the human refuse, waste, weaklings and filth in the postmodern cities of the West. And without a hygienic environment it is impossible to either sustain or produce a healthy people.

As the renowned 20th century American conservationist Madison Grant stated in his 1916 work The Passing of the Great Race: “The country villages and the farms are the nurseries of nations, while cities are consumers and seldom producers of men.” Grant, despite his many erroneous beliefs regarding race and heredity, fully understood the ecological preconditions which are absolutely necessary for maintaining and producing a healthy people and society. He understood that a healthy population fundamentally requires “exercise…and air, and cannot live under Ghetto conditions.”

Therefore, since the overall health of a people is so intrinsically tied to the health of their shared environment, the latter must always take precedence over monetary concerns or the economy. Likewise, the general wellbeing of the people must always be considered above all else.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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