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The results of the debates trump and Clinton: an Online broadcast


Discussion of the first presidential debates in the US in the “Our view”


The United States hosted the first televised debates involving the major presidential candidates – Republican Donald trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton. According to polls, a landslide victory was won by Donald trump. The American liberal media, including CNN, attempted to turn the defeat of Hillary into her victory, but they did not.

The fight was hard: it was discussed the most pressing issues in domestic and foreign policy. The start of the debates suggests that the election race enters the homestretch. From the selection of a new President depends the whole future destiny of the United States: with the tramp, the country finally will refuse the aggressive policy and the status of a state policeman, with Clinton – will continue to build a liberal globalist world.

Today, live in Constantinople, the experts discussed the debate. Read our online broadcasting.

18:55 According to recent polls, the gap between Clinton and trump is only a few percent, and the balance leans in favor of Republicans in favor of Democrats. We will monitor developments.

18:54 Daria Platonova about the subversive work of the sixth column in the Russian media: “We have followed the development of the plot in news aggregators such as “Yandex” and “Google” and that’s what we noticed. The story of the debate was formed around 6 a.m. and with an interesting title: “Clinton won the debate according to the Americans”… And the most interesting that it was picked up not only the liberals, but the major, mainstream media. They picked up exactly a liberal interpretation of the debate and began to quote the CNN poll!”

18:54Alexander Dugin: “trump has demonstrated responsibility, steadiness and consistency“.

18:53Alexander Dugin: “Analysis of the injection of the alleged “victory”Clintonbrings us to the topic of the fifth and sixth columns in our society. Fifth column – open enemies of our country. But there is a hidden liberal segment.

It doesn’t matter who really won and what the press reported. And even no matter what the results of given polls, and importantly, who first formed the plot. We impose the totalitarian point of view. It postpositivists theory of international relations. The essence of the relations is ignored and is taken into account only feeding the media.

This ignorant unprofessional time to finish.

In reality, we see that this debate won Donald trump. It is the opinion of the American people – except the narrow part, which represents the interests of the globalist minority. It is not necessary to play along with those who put mankind on the brink of the abyss”.

18:51 angelina Karetkina: “the lies of the American media spread and many of our media. Already at 7 am Agency TASS published an article with the following headline: “victory in the first televised debate was won by Clinton, believe 62 per cent of respondents”. Further, this news was picked up by others. “Komsomolskaya Pravda” literally 40 minutes, as well as TASS, citing CNN published the following: “Clinton defeated trump in the first televised debate.

It is noteworthy that the fact that the data CNN and the American media, not the opinion of the American people pay attention only Internet portal Constantinople”.

18:50, Andrey Afanasyev: “What are liberals to do? They also need someone to support. Our grant certainly get laid off businessman trump, speaking for efficiency.”

18:48angelina Karetkina: “the Russian liberal media echoed us. And refute these surveys in which trump leads”.

18:47Daria Platonova: “Liberals living in Russia and having Russian citizenship, picked up by the Western line of propaganda and became eager to criticize trump and search for the best moments of the Clinton speech”.

18:46Alexander Domrin: “to Support Republicans for many Americans means ostracism. In American society, even the husband with the wife in the kitchen afraid of some things to say.

We observe a collision of two cars. Wagon Hillary is still about 50 cars worth it. To challenge it, trump should be stronger than 50 times.

The neocons do not support Republicans, they support Hillary Clinton. Hillary became the representative of the war party.

18:43Alexander Domrin: “the American media is liberal fascism”.

18:40 According to many estimates, Lester Holt, moderator of the debate was clearly podsazhivali Clinton during the debate. According to Jack Khanika, the problem is that Trump had to argue with two opponents: “It was “two against one”. Many statements and actions of the moderator talked about the fact that he is helping Hillary and refers to the prejudice against Trump”.

For example, when trump joked and the audience laughed, Holt immediately asked to keep quiet. In a few minutes, joked Hillary and the moderators allowed the audience to laugh. However, he did not ask Clinton a single question, and Trump all the time.

Among Americans already have a feeling that around Clinton have to “walk on eggshells” and trump can be called anything you like.

18:37 Explorer angelina Karetkina: “social media Users jokingly began to call CNN the Clinton News Network”.

18:36Daria Platonova: “Clinton talks all the time about the changes at a future time. According to some psychologists, the use of the future tense indicates the absence of a clear strategy to transform the present”.

18:35 Jack Mechanics: “I watched all the programs after the debate on the main channels. State TV said Hillary won. I went at 6am and thought – trump lost. But when I woke up at 8am and started watching the results of the surveys, most of them said that trump won! Is it weird that all the major media saying opposite things.”

18:33Alexander Dugin: “If we talk about style, trump has demonstrated a direction, which is less likely to know the Americans – restraint, serenity, peace.

Trump has stated in brief terms, what is realism, the case of America and everything: the relationship with clients, debtors, creditors, other countries wishing to have U.S. military support. With enemies such as ISIS (a terrorist organization banned in Russia – approx. Constantinople), with friends like Russia”.

18:31 Leading Daria Platonova: “Today, the U.S. political regime is largely similar to that described by Orwell and Zamyatin. People are afraid to openly Express support for anti-system candidates Trump”.

18:30Ted Johnson, an American journalist: “Promises trump is largely down to the fact that the US is in trouble. Look what is happening to our cities: crime, racial strife; America no longer wins. The position Clinton was: “Yes, we have problems, but we are on the right path.”

Alex Jones, an American journalist: “trump won the first presidential debate with ease! The American people have spoken”.

18:25Jack Mechanics: “symptoms and style for Americans is very important. When Kennedy debated Nixon argued, the people who heard the debate on radio believed that Nixon won. But those who watched TV, I noticed that he was really sweating, and gave the victory to Kennedy.

As for this debate, the Republicans, typically a position of strength, wear a red tie. For Americans it is a symbol of strength and power. It was strange to see Clinton in a red pantsuit that seemed to be saying, “I stand with the aggressive position, I will attack.”

18:22 the host of “Real time” Andrey Afanasev: “Hillary is death. Look at her, and her on the one hand it is a pity, but it seems that the screen will blow grave. It represents the end of neo-liberal ideas. Trump is alive, ruddy America, which is not afraid to lend a hand. His supporters are nice people, with whom you want to deal with, unlike the supporters of Hillary Clinton.”

18:20Alexander Domrin: “Clinton – the evil doll from horror movies. But even more complex and evil because she wants to beat their puppeteers and add Russophobia in the world behind the scenes plans.

Trump is trying to make America stronger. This America will actually take him, will not meddle in the Affairs of others, to create ISIS, life in the United States make it more pleasant for the American people. Let’s not idealize it – when trump we will deal with a resurgent America, but not dangerous in the hands of crazy puppeteers”.

18:19Jack Mechanics: “party politics In USA has been a major shift. For a long time the Democrats were against the war. And the Republicans have always been considered hawks. The problem is that Hillary is now chief hawk.

18:18help: Hillary Clinton was the oldest child in the family. In 1965, Hillary graduated from high school, then was trained at Wellesley College. After the release of Hillary received a bachelor’s degree in political science. The next step was law school at Yale University. Here she met her future husband bill Clinton. A few years after the famous wedding, the husband became the Governor of Arkasas, and Hillary – the first lady of the state. In 1993, bill Clinton began to settle in the White house, which came not without the help of his wife. She actively helped him in the campaign.

18:16Reference: Donald trump was the fourth child in the family of a construction magnate. The energetic boy at the age of 13 was sent to new York military Academy. The Charter made Donald disciplined student, who could boast as good grades and success in sports. Trump brilliantly graduated from the military Academy and enrolled in Fordham University. After four semesters, he transferred to the Wharton business school at the University of Pennsylvania. In 1968 he received a bachelor’s degree in economic Sciences, after which the father took the son in the family business.

Trump repeatedly multiplied his father’s fortune. For several years he built several apartment buildings, increasing the profit of the family. Donald trump accuses Democrats of creating terrorist groups across the globe.

18:15 American journalist Jack Mechanics: “In all debates usually interested in sparkle and style, not the policy itself. Now we see a real clash.

The idea of America as a great state does not preclude greatness of other States. This is a huge change and a threat to supporters of Clinton.

Trump believed that Britain should retain its identity. Russia can defend its identity, and the United States are not required to be the world’s policeman”.

18:10 Doctor of legal Sciences, Professor of the University of Virginia, americanist Alexander Domrin: “Remember the words of Mike Naumenko: it’s like a circus, it’s like a zoo. The debate took place between Democrats and Republicans. Trump soaked establishment. Now he represents an alternative to both the Republicans and Democrats.

Why is this important to us? Hillary is a representative of the financial capital that has no homeland. And trump is the other America: quiet, calm, which is friendly to us.

My mom and dad from the Ryazan region. Arriving in Iowa or another U.S. state, I feel at home in the Ryazan region”.

18:05 Philosopher, chief editor of the channel of Tsar Alexander Dugin: “This particular debate. They meet representatives of the polar ideologies. On the outcome of this election and of this debate depends the entire fate of humanity. And if the bearers of these positions will present their views on the future of America and the world, it is really a clash of ideologies.

Clinton speaks about the promotion of neo-liberal ideology, the West’s expansion. Trump suddenly, unlike other representatives of the Republican party, speaking on behalf of America and wants to take care of the national interests of the country.

First neoliberalism and conservatism face at the debate. The debate is polarized not only American society, but our. For the first time what they say is of great importance. Before the debate was clowning. But now – have a value“.

18:00 the Presenter of the program “Our point of view,” Daria Platonova.

17:58 ahead of postdebate philosopher, chief editor of the channel of Tsar Alexander Dugin commented on the event: “Putin and Russia have become a critical factor in presidential debates in the United States. It already wins.”


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