Dugin’s Guideline – The Holy Alliance



Hello, you watch a program directive Dugin. September 26, 1815 – In Paris, Austria, Prussia and the Russian Empire signed an agreement on the establishment of the Holy Alliance. This idea was the realization of Russian Emperor Alexander I projects.

Holy Alliance, Sant Alliance was a project of exceptional importance, and had several dimensions.

Geopolitical he was a proposal to combine continental powers in the overall strategic unit. After the victory over Napoleon, who proposed the unification of Europe around France, the Russian emperor offered a continental powers of Europe a different model of strategic association. At its core was the idea of an alliance with Russia German state – Prussia and Austria. With the help of the Holy Union of Russia highlights the role in the European security structure. It secures its privileged position in the concert of great powers.

Sacred Union is not only fixed the results of the Congress of Vienna, which summed up the defeat of Napoleonic France, but also meant the future of the European plan, which would be ruled by tradition, peace and co-operation between a Christian monarchical societies.

Later, the Holy Alliance was joined by almost all European monarchies, except the UK, which could not fail to understand that life is embodied in such a project, nullifies the desire of England to rule the whole of Europe. However, directly refuse to participate in the Holy Union of England could not, but he sought in every way to limit and eventually ruin it.

Even more important ideological dimension of the Holy Alliance. Alexander I’ve seen in a merger creating the last line of defense in the face of modernity coming to Europe. Modernization, democracy, capitalism and the destruction of Christian values of Europe felt the after the French Revolution, and especially in the Napoleonic era, the carrier of the same trend, only under cover of mock imperial crown. New time-conservatives Christians of the 19th century was conceived as offensive century antichrist. But the role of the Christian Orthodox Byzantine Emperor in a sense was just to be Katechon – holding the world from the coming of the Antichrist.

Under the influence of the Byzantine ideology and the idea of applying Katechon revolutionary upheavals in Europe of the 19th century, Alexander first offered or break the project. The project is not just a century but of all the past centuries. Faced with raising the head of the Antichrist of the modern world, all the monarchies of Europe should remember its purpose and unite together against the common enemy. The face of the enemy was clear: the Freemasons, liberals and revolutionary democrats, socialists. This network permeated European societies, destroying the Christian way of life, undermining the foundations of the Church, he prepared the political conspiracies and murders, the bleed-European peoples together. The aim was to destroy Christian civilization and traditions, and the construction in its place of civilization of the Antichrist, led by the World Government.

Holy Alliance was intended to consolidate the forces of tradition and make European monarchs return to the execution of their higher purpose: to defend Christianity, Graeco-Roman cultural origins, entrusted to them people and society from the death and the enemy of the human race.

And although the Holy Alliance lasted not long, being decomposed through the efforts of the British and the very forces against which it was directed, the project retains all its value up to this time. If we compare how far advanced the civilization of the Antichrist for two hundred years that separate us from the date of its conclusion, the hair stand on end. There is no longer any European empires or sacral monarchies and European society is rapidly losing the last connection with Christianity. Crumbling traditional institutions. Culture and the science came up against the homunculi and the creation of golems, demonstrate a real hell scenery, has become a reality.

Good day, you watched Dugin directive of the Holy Union.

There is no longer the European monarchies, but the St – Alliance alive as an idea, a project of the future horizon. There is only giving the camp – the camp of the Holy Alliance, which means tradition and the Antichrist camp, so modern, modern and postmodern. There is no third.

See archive transmission –

Stauffenberg was Right!

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