Russia delays | Colonel Cassad

Tyrion Lannister

Briefly about the allegations of the British foreign Ministry, “Russia tightens the war in Syria.”

The problem of the Syrian war and Russia’s participation in it is not that it delays the war. The problem is that Russia prevented the realization of the plans of the West to overthrow Assad. Before the start of the open participation of the armed forces in the Syrian war, the West for 4 years supplied arms, money, mercenaries and local militants who tried to overthrow the legitimate Syrian government. About questions of time then neither Washington nor London cared because it was a goal that was by military means, and how many months or even years had it to spend, didn’t look too fundamental, because “Assad must go”. But after the intervention of Russia in a few months it became clear that to overthrow Assad by military means is not released and already there is a question about what the militants themselves will be defeated, and Pro-Western militants. And then West immediately thought about diplomacy and humanitarian initiatives. Of course, they don’t see and don’t want to see his guilt in the ongoing Syrian nightmare, much easier to blame everything on Assad, who fought off the militants and Russia, which helped him in this. The usual hypocrisy and nothing more, when the main culprits of the Syrian war are trying to shift responsibility to others.

Now, when the people of Aleppo still fierce battle (fighting for Handarat camp and quarter Sheikh Saeed), the West spent the first information in the media barrage, and now convenes the UN security Council, under the pretext “of a humanitarian catastrophe in Aleppo” (which in July-August especially no one cared as there was hope that the rebels win SAA) to force Russia to influence Assad to stop the fighting in Aleppo and gave respite to the insurgents.The Russian foreign Ministry quite melancholic about this, noted that optional truce without guarantees of the Russian Federation will not go first, and let the “moderate” rebels will end up with “An-Nusra”, and then you can truce to talk. The problem of the West is that “moderate” militants do not want to break with the “Al-Nusra”. Moreover, some factions in Aleppo, the opposite moved to her obedience and the chances that they will share are pretty slim.

In this regard, the policy of the West towards the battle for Aleppo is a mixture of empty promises, which the US and NATO can not perform (as they have little influence over significant part of the militants), as well as thinly veiled threats against Syria and Russia. The world that they want to in Syria, it is a world where it is not Russia and Assad. But as military capabilities to remove Assad they have not, we have to admonish and threaten, simultaneously exposing themselves peacekeepers, although the countries of the West for its support of the militants did more than others for the mass bloodshed in Syria.And it is no coincidence that the Syrian representative speaking at the UN, despite the apology, the United States passed through Russia directly accused the U.S. of aiding and abetting the Caliphate and deliberate attack on the Syrian Army. Breakdown of the last ceasefire in Syria and the rupture of us-Russian deals (the details of which the Russian foreign Ministry promised to make public soon), once again demonstrated in practice that global hegemony is not willing to perform the agreement, that he is weary. Well, then, that such position of the United States openly dragging out the war?Well, the United States can not be this fault, it is again Russia and Syria have to ruin everything.

In fact, in the West, in official circles there is no reflection about done with Syria. There dubolomnyh continue to try to bend the world for themselves even where such a strategy is obviously not working, but the Messianic attitude does not give the military-political establishment to admit they were wrong and press on the brake. Destroyed the country, killed hundreds of thousands, millions of refugees, rampant Islamism – all these “mistakes” repeated again and again, extending farther to the bloody epilogue of the Arab spring. But what criminal will refuse to blame their own crimes on their victims?




A fragment of the dialogue of the Head of the joint chiefs of staff, General Dunford, member of the Senate Committee on defence at a hearing on Syria.

Senator: – What are the options in order to take control of Syrian airspace?
General: – Different.
Senator: – In your opinion what?
General: – At this point, Senator, that we could control all air space of Syria we would have had to declare war… Syria and Russia.


Sam Dunford belongs to the group of “hawks” and he openly called Russia “a major threat to the U.S.”

Stauffenberg was Right!

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