Impossible task | Colonel Cassad

NKVD officer

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UNSC special revelation about the Syrian war and Aleppo to no avail. Hand just once again outlined their position (some abusive).

1. The United States and Co accused Syria and Russia in war crimes and “barbarism”, because they indiscriminately bombed rebel positions in Aleppo and the use of non-conventional munitions.

2. Russia has accused the US that they in fact undermine the truce and indirectly aiding the militants, and on a unilateral cease-fire Russia will not agree, because the United States to carry out their obligations can’t.

3. Syria said that roughly it makes no difference to what there is in the West believe, the chemical weapons it did not use and that of Aleppo the SAA in any case will take (the US, France and Britain left the meeting during the speech of Syria).

From the accompanying.

Turkey said that Syria is engaged in “war crimes” carrying out air strikes near Aleppo, but about Russia, apparently affects the new “honeymoon.”

The militants of “moderate opposition” with a fairly long braking distances stated that “out of the armistice agreement”, although it is already several days did not actually valid and his fighters at Aleppo nor of day was not observed.

UN Secretary-General stated that he was “outraged” what is happening at Aleppo. Here, he would be in the case of Yemen was performed, where the unfortunate Sana’a for a year, the Saudis iron.

Churkin on this occasion said that to achieve peace in Syria if the current situation would be a nearly impossible task.

The U.S. position.

The position of the Russian Federation.

All the meeting.

Actually, today it was possible to observe the dying paroxysms of the 2nd Russian-American deal where the parties have plainly poured charges and laid the blame on each other. Oh well, nothing new, the war goes on (today continued fighting in Hydrate, as well as in the quarter Sheikh Saeed). The parties will have some time to do copious blood-letting, before they are ripe for a new approach in the peace talks.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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