Dugin’s Guideline – The Aryan Union




Hello, you are watching a program Directive Dugin. Today is the start of a joint Russian-Indian exercises. Indra-2016.

Exercise is not too large, but symbolic. India is a huge country, a whole civilization. The Indians were able to remain faithful to the ancient Vedic traditions for thousands of years. And, most importantly, they have not ceased to be Hindus during the difficult centuries of inhuman Anglo-Saxon exploitation, when India was turned into a colony of England. Going cultural genocide of the Indians and defended the freedom and identity. Although really deep decolonization happening just now. Now in India have conservatives in power of the Bharatiya Janata party headed by Prime Minister Narendra modi.In contrast to modernist and westernizations National Congress established hastily leaving the former colony of the English Freemasons and Theosophists, Hindu conservatives aim to revive the real heart of the Hindu identity – the Hindutva.

Therefore, joint Russian-the Hindu teachings are resounding name of Indra. Is the name of the Hindu God Deva. In Indian religion and mythology is the deity of the bright sky, power and war. This is the king of the heavenly gods. But being the Supreme ruler of the heavenly powers, he is also a defender of Hindu civilization. With all the Mace of Indra fights with underground demons and the great dragon Vritra.

Russian and Indian troops in the drills represent two of the army of light who are fighting with the powers of chaos, destruction and evil. Under them the organizers of the exercises involve Islamic terrorists, which are constantly faced by Hindus, especially in Kashmir, and that Russia is waging a deadly war in Syria, and also in Central Asia and sometimes in the North Caucasus. All this is highly symbolic. And this symbolism becomes even more impressive if we consider that Islamic fundamentalism are the United States. That is the real enemy – heart of the dragon Vritra of the ocean.And the story about how the gods churned the ocean, we also see in the Hindu mythology. As the depth of decolonization, the Indians will be clearer and clearer who the true ontological enemy and who is their trusted friend.

Two Indo-European nation with ancient Eurasian roots, as the Vedic Aryans came to the subcontinent from our steppes. Such monuments as the arch – a living testimony of the oldest cities in the Eurasian Indo-Europeans – the ancestors of both the Indians and us, the Slavs, because we are Indo-European people and speak the language of the Aryans. Great Russian Renaissance poet Nikolai Klyuev piercingly aware of the spiritual closeness of Russia – and deep, bottom, originally and pure Russian – and ideal of India. White India, he has dedicated a poignant lines:

Chorister color diamond sandeval
Me Pravoslavny canopy
And my country, India White,
Filled with mystery and wonder!

And in another poem

Nespor fix, and Steg clumsy,
Yes, the sea is invisible and compels the needle…
India our mysterious dinner
Ringing the chalices in the red corner.

India is very far from Russia. But the physical distance of only a thin hides visionary intimacy. White India is hidden in the depths of Russian identity in the folds of Russian Holiness. Hence the connection of images — the mysterious dinner, in fact the last Supper, in the red corner and sacrament chalice.

India is now returning to its spiritual tradition. And surprisingly, synchronously with this, we return to his Russian Orthodox, Slavic. As Hindus we are going through a deep process of decolonization, purification of poisonous Westernizing viruses. This desintoksikatine consciousness. Go back to the origins of our Russian entity.

So we are together on the teachings of Indra 2016. And not only on the teachings.

All the best, have you watched the program Directive Dugin of the Russian-Indian exercises.

Salvation from the hell of modernity can be found only in the depths of the spiritual tradition. There we will find the weapons with which we can win a total war against the armies of the world serpent.

See the archive transmission –

Stauffenberg was Right!

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