American weapons once again fell into the hands of the Caliphate | Colonel Cassad

NKVD officer


The Turkish President said that in the hands of ISIS got half the weapons that the U.S. supplied to the Kurds

It will be one of the reasons why the bloodshed in Syria will continue. Turkish President Erdogan said that half of the weapons that the US supplies the self-defense forces of Syrian Kurds, went to the terrorists.

Three days ago in Kobane landed three aircraft with American weapons for the forces of the Syrian Kurds. Half of these weapons went into the hands of terrorists of ISIS (the group banned in Russia). We were warned of such a Barack Obama, but failed to convince. Now, unfortunately, they play the same games. It will not lead to concrete results, and will only continue the bloodshed in Syria, — quotes the words of the Turkish leader, Anadolu Agency.

In addition, the President called for the transfer of power in Syria to the Syrian people. But Bashar was Acadayspa the cause of death of 600 thousand compatriots. – zinc

PS. Erdogan has found the causes of recent failures under the control of insurgents in Northern Syria. The offensive on al-Bab is clearly not developing as desired and the militants of the Caliphate did not rush to pass Turkish tanks and “green” militants to its latest Outpost in Northern Syria. Despite persistent rumors that the Caliphate passed the border of Turkey under unofficial agreements with Erdogan, in fact, “black” had planned the retreat to the positions from which they plan to offer a long resistance to both the Turks and the Kurds. Due to the threats of Turkey against Kurds and the cessation of direct support to the Kurds from the US, attack the Kurds in the side of al-Baba is almost stopped and it would seem Erdogan had all the cards in his hands – quite a lot of cannon fodder + a large number of armored vehicles. But it all boils down to the traditional purely military weakness “green”, high efficiency for suicide attacks and effective countermeasures Caliphate at the tactical level.


This map displays the towns of the Caliphate that repulsed the Turks and the “green” over the last week.

It is not difficult to notice, Turkish blitzkrieg is over and everything has been reduced already to formats for the Syrian war the situation with the shifting of the front here and there.

As a result, “the Euphrates shield” frankly stalled and the question now is not about “shooting to Aleppo”. The problem is, even the exit near the outskirts of al-Bab, not to mention the fact that the Caliphate is seriously thinking about the strikes on al-Rai. Of course, someone in it had to be to blame. Erdogan, in addition to Caliphate, appeared to blame the Kurds and the United States, thereby Erdogan once again has actually accused the U.S. of indirectly aiding and abetting the Caliphate, in the United States recently has accused Russia and Syria on the fact of a blow to the SAA under the Deir ez-Zor. Here it is worth remembering that Erdogan himself is not without sin. When the Kurds were advancing on the Caliphate, they regularly showed the trophies of Turkish origin. Especially much they helped in the capture of al-Shadadi. So guns in the hands of “black” is not only “the American line”. The Kurds, in turn, on the contrary may be interested in the fact that Turkey is caught in a war with the Caliphate so wouldn’t be surprised if this weapon got into the hands of the “black” not by military means.

The arisen problems in Turkey clearly prefers to solve limited funds, focusing on the experience of Russia and Iran, which do not hurry to plunge into the Syrian bloody mess. Therefore, Turkey has officially stated that the infantry units use in the North of Syria are planned.There is of course a bit of guile, as the “Maroon berets” in the amount of several hundred people is quite a operated Dzharablus and al-Rai, but to commit to a motorized infantry the Turks clearly do not want, preferring to restrict the support of armored vehicles and aircraft, allowing you to keep losses at manageable levels (the loss controlled by militants on the contrary more than serious). Well, in this case, the technical superiority of the Turks over all parties to the conflict in the North of Syria (not counting the USA) would be offset by the weakness of their infantry, which, for his fighting qualities, inferior and alifatica and the Kurds. In this regard, the issue of al-Bab hung in the air. For Assad this all this fuss in the North is objectively best, because the longer the Caliphate, Turkey and the Kurds will fight each other, the easier it will be to solve military tasks on priority fronts.

Well, the updated scheme to the parties and factions of the Syrian war.


Stauffenberg was Right!

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