A Conspirology of Hillary Clinton, 9/11 and Death | AKIRA

Scott Adams has predicted (correctly)
that The Hillary Monster’s collapse at the 9/11 memorial is a crucial turning point in the campaign. The American presidency has many sacred and ritual aspects, the most important of which is the symbolic conquest and subjugation of Death. The Presidential campaign is as much a audition for the role of the high priest of American Consumerism as anything else. Hillary’s ugly collapse at the 9/11 Anniversary ceremony has thus triggered a slide in the polls and a viral new “Hillary is Dead” conspiracy theory.


As his own Evil returned to him on 9/11, The “Last Man” had his Happy Meal slapped out of his mouth by his own Wahhabist death squads in an explosion of carnage at the very center of his power. The mass derangement that followed 9/11 was caused by the breaking through of the stark force of death and destruction into the Lands of Consumerism. The extreme metaphysical anxiety this event produced shook the very foundations of the American psyche. As such this event has been shrouded in a vast heraldry of narratives and legends by both the establishment and the subcultures, and is the focus of many sacred rituals and liturgies, all designed and intended to re-suppress the stark experience of death we all lived through on that day.


Hillary Clinton’s association with death in popular conspiracy theory goes back long before 9/11. Beginning with the death of Vince Foster, it quickly snowballed into a list of hundreds of people murdered by the Clintons. This “Murder List” is the foundational myth of Clinton Conspiracy Theory Universe, and a kind of Origin Story of Hillary as an archetype in the folk mythos of America. This perspective only found an open and explicit form on the Right, but it was clearly enough operating in a latent way among the Left during Obama’s primary campaign against her in 2008, and again during Bernie Sander’s failed insurgency.


This symbolic association with death in the popular mind cast Hillary in the role of a kind of covert priestess of death, whose proper function within the consumerist mythology is to placate, appease, and control death. This is a very delicate role, because death can never be looked at directly within consumerism, even as the altars of Moloch are overflowing with offerings. Hillary has never had the finesse or sensitivities required for such a role, as she served well enough to herd the Democrats into supporting the invasion of Iraq, but this came back to haunt her in 2008.


The worst possible thing for someone in this role is when their own health starts to go, because at that point they have betrayed life and are going over to the side of death. When Hillary collapsed at the 9/11 memorial, she not only failed a crucial sacred function, she betrayed the whole world of Life went over to Death, and she did this in the very center of the Temple. So now the Hillary is Dead conspiracy is exploding, and the cow is going to lose in a historical landslide to Donald Trump, a terrifyingly pure manifestation of the Salesmen Archetype who understands all too well what his true role is….


Stauffenberg was Right!

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