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Hello, you are watching the program “Directive Dugin”.

The essence of the crisis of modernity consists in the fact that the West has equated his values to the universal, and the way of development, proclaimed universal and compulsory for all peoples, civilizations and cultures. This is a lie and a substitution designed only to justify predatory selfishness and colonial imperialism of the West. The value systems of many, and in every civilization, every religion and every nation these values have their – similar as in the West, and very special.

To further substantiate and further develop this thesis about the plurality of civilizations, which was defended by German romanticism, Russian Slavophilism, especially Danilevsky, and herder, and Spengler, Toynbee, Claude Levi-Strauss, Russian and Eurasian Lev Gumilyov and most cultural and social anthropologists – I last years working on a series of books “Naumachie”, each of which try to describe the unique Logo of a people, of a culture.

Now out of print have just released another work of Naumachie” – “Iranian Logos. We used to look at Iran through the eyes of its enemies, the Greeks, later the Romans and, in fact, Europeans. So we don’t see. We need to allow the Iranian Logo to Express himself freely and unhindered. The only way we will get closer to the Iranian culture, which otherwise will remain closed.

The book “Iranian Logos” has a subtitle “Light of the War and the Culture of Expectations.” This is the essence of the Iranian identity. To be an Iranian means to see the world as the battlefield of the sons of Light with the powers of Darkness. Only this war and gives meaning to life. This is based on Iranian religion, Iranian culture, Iranian poetry, Iranian history. Plunging into the investigation of the basic ideas, I found that the Light as a religious and philosophical concept – it is an Iranian trait. It seems to us that to worship the light, love light, imagine God as infinite speculative Light is granted. But it turns out not so. Everywhere, where the Light becomes the center of attention – in the culture of the Greeks, Semites, Jews, Christians or Muslims – is consistently detected whenever the Iranian connection. The Light takes all its importance it is in war with Darkness. Light is light only when there is Darkness. Or we could say about it is that it is light. So, the light always carries in itself a war with the Darkness. Light a war is more primary than Light. “And the light flashed in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” This phrase from John’s gospel can be considered a summary of the entire Iranian tradition

The second definition Iranian Logo – Culture Expectations. The formula of farhangi incisor Persian – told me in Qom single modern Iranian Ayatollah. This is the key to the Iranian worldview – both Shiite and more ancient Zoroastrian. Iranians are waiting for very specific events – the arrival of the Savior Saoshyant, the Last King who will revive the Empire of the world. None of the ancient religions, the end times, the resurrection of the dead and the coming of the Lord of the world not described in such detail and so coherently. Light the war lasted with varying success. First win of the army of Light.Then the initiative passes to the sons of Darkness. And the world is plunged into darkness. Then the army of Light be in the position of the partisans. Their land was occupied by dark power, and they are forced to hide and attack under the cloak of secrecy. Then begins the great waiting. Waiting the secret of the light of the king who is hidden in the era of the triumph of darkness, but must appear in the end times. The expectations of the Iranians — it is the expectation of the light of the Leader, the army which considers itself to every true Iranian. He is waiting for his king in this life and the next. The expectation gives the life of the Iranian sense.

It is considered that linear time, time, current to its end, the Jews came up with somewhere in the middle of the first Millennium before Christ. If you look closely at history and geography, where the idea of time was in its infancy, we see the Achaemenid Empire, under which the Jews lived after the Babylonian captivity. That’s where the culture of expectations in Judaism and therefore in Christianity. It works the Iranian Logo.

So, in addition to the idea Light the Iranians brought into the Mediterranean culture is still the same fundamental idea – the idea of time. Linear time itself is linear because it is addressed to the coming of the Savior. It is born from cultural expectations. Waiting takes time, the waiting creates time itself. So the Iranians, we owe much more than commonly believed. To see this, we need only reject Eurocentric racism and the whole of European arrogance.

All the best, have you watched “Directive Dugin” about the Iranian Logo.

Impartial and open study of cultures and civilizations, both European and non-European, it is absolutely necessary for us Russian, in search of our identity. If we do not understand the richness and diversity of the surrounding cultures, we can’t find your own Logo and not able to appreciate the depth of the fall of the Logos of the West, which tries to carry us away into the abyss.


See the archive transmission – http://tsargrad.tv/


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