Dugin’s Guideline – To Unseat Maduro


Hello, you are watching the program “Directive Dugin”. In Venezuela, the liberals continue organized protests against President Maduro.

In Latin America the last years we notice an important trend – the growth of North American influence. As soon as the United States rapidly losing its position in the middle East, Europe and the former Soviet Union, Washington has paid attention to what is happening in South America. This area is located much closer to the US and traditionally the first quarter of the 19th century, the area of direct national interests of the United States. It is proclaimed in 1825, President Monroe, and the concept of domination of the North over the South bears his name – the Monroe doctrine.

When, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the United States felt that world domination in the bag, started the Imperial pererastala – as expressed by U.S. political scientist Paul Kennedy. But as it turned out, it was an illusion, only one short-lived and unstable unipolar moment. And when unipolarity began to crumble in Eurasia, pressed new alternative multipolar trends, the United States drew attention to Latin America, and there were all of them pretty unsettling.The anti-liberal left regimes gravitating toward a multi-polar club was established with Kirchner in Argentina, with Lula and Dilma Rousseff in Brazil. In Bolivia, the government has strengthened Indian Evo Morales and in Ecuador, the anti-capitalist, Rafael Correa.

The deceased fierce fighter against American hegemony, hero of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela was replaced by his successor, Nicolas Maduro. Thus, almost all of Latin America was in the camp opposite US. Then, Washington and woke up: now not only fails to gain a foothold in Eurasia, but also the Monroe doctrine is bursting at the seams. Were immediately mobilized the comprador bourgeoisie and the liberal network of influence. Where it was possible, Washington’s henchmen came to power through elections, as Macri in Argentina. Somewhere where it was more difficult – through impeachment, as in Brazil.But in Venezuela, configured radically against North American hegemony since the era of Chavez, the usual methods were not working. Then Washington made a bet on a color revolution. Only here’s the twist: the colored revolutions in Europe and the Middle East are often used for pragmatic purposes left rhetoric – hence the appearance of the anti-globalization and portraits of Che Guevara. But the socialist left in Venezuela and in other Latin American countries, it does not work: any left out there hates US. And rightly so.Therefore, all protests – including in Venezuela – here ideologically pure liberal. And no more flirting with social justice or anti-colonialism: the army Soros speaks openly and under its banner – this is a purely liberal army, designed to put the country under direct control of the US and global capitalism.

The crowd of protestors in Venezuela want one: voluptuous lick American boots, and other thoughts they have. Yes, they cheated, but much less than left-wing participants of colored revolutions in other parts of the world. There’s even a Ghost of Che Guevara. Posters protesting against Maduro of Venezuela liberals shamelessly flaunt portraits of the killers of Che Guevara. This is strictly provocation protests demanding direct occupation of the country and the establishment of external control from the United States.

Maduro has been hard. It was hard and Chavez. And Chavez has faced this liberal North American counter-attack. But he was a charismatic leader, who sacrificed all his life fighting. And he knew what he was dealing with. Now Maduro knows, too. But in terms of overall successful return of Washington to the Monroe doctrine, the chances to survive Maduro is quite small. At the time we saved Cuba. A small island, which remains free until now. Nobody believed that Castro will survive. He survived. Because next to him was us.

Russia needs to support Venezuela in any way. Including with the military. American military bases are located in critical proximity to our borders. Venezuela should be on the SCO, CSTO and the Eurasian Union. Maduro is now so difficult that he will do anything. Then we and Washington will talk. For real. And other freedom-loving forces in Latin America will create a reliable Bastion of the struggle. It is necessary to return to politics in the Grand style. Great country – great horizons.

All the best, have you watched Venezuelan “Directive Dugin”.

If something happens, or Tiananmen Marsh, the Sino-Russian specialists are ready to help at any time. With Venezuela’s hero of the liberation of South America Simon Bolivar began the struggle. Let the second round of decolonization will start from the same place. Maduro should be supported.

See the archive transmission –

Stauffenberg was Right!

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