Dugin’s Guideline – International day of democracy



Hello, you are watching the program “Directive Dugin”. Today is the international day of democracy.

First of all should pay attention to the fact that the modern West, and after him all the other companies, consider democracy to be an absolute dogma. It is quite strange, given that modernity denies the dogma, considers all topics in General an object of discussion, disputes, clashes of opinions. But there are things that have in the modern Western world the status of absolute sacred truth. Democracy is just that. Try to challenge democracy, or questioned, what is the best social system, and you will see that you will. You will immediately be accused of fascism, cannibalism and all the deadly sins, and further marginalization, stigmatization and up to and including administrative or criminal penalties.

Let me remind you: democracy is not that other, as political idea, and as such it may be theoretically accepted or rejected as any other idea. This attitude to the idea where some become dogma, and other criminal, is a pure sign of totalitarianism. Therefore, along with fascist and Communist totalitarianism, there is another democratic or liberal. In the victory of democracy permitted all, but only on the condition that democracy recognizes the Supreme value. That is, the Democrats are tolerant and open only to themselves as Democrats.Since the Communists tolerant of the Communists and the Nazis to the Nazis. What’s special: if you accept the ruling dogma, it takes you. Logical.

So, democracy is a kind of modern totalitarian political ideologies. And if we wish at any price to overcome totalitarianism and to get rid of the dogma, we would be forced sooner or later to challenge and democracy. And why in the end we think that majority rule is better than minority government? What is smarter, fairer, more efficient? Why democracy had to spend a bloody revolution and destroy whole classes and segments of the population not taking this ideology? Therefore, the world day of democracy – a celebration of totalitarianism. It glorifies one of the tenets of modern Western civilization. And despite all the pathos, any person is able to say there is no democracy. There is no all. Like, I don’t think democracy is the ultimate truth and prefer, for example, aristocracy, monarchy, theocracy, authoritarianism, and perhaps oligarchy or dictatorship. From the point of view of the Orthodox doctrine of democracy is optional. It is appropriate in the monasteries or in the organization of the peasant community, but detrimental to society as a whole and the strong powers necessary to protect Christian values. Here is our Russian truth. And if we are independent and strong, then it will have to be considered. And the Democrats, not the Democrats.

Important one more thing. In the West in recent decades is rapidly changing understanding of democracy. Earlier, at the dawn of a New democracy understood as majority rule. You can argue to what extent it was genuine, not acting on behalf of the majority only in the urban bourgeoisie and who represented it in Masonic lodges? But in any case, even if nominally, but was recognized by all as a fact: democracy – majority rule.But gradually with the spread of democracy throughout the world and the deepening of its institutions in the Western society, the same forces that have traditionally been at the forefront of democratization, put the very definition of democracy into question. These forces noticed that the majority in some cases, you may choose the Tradition, order, religion, state, power, patriotism and social justice. This majority may see themselves as people as a historical force, not a bunch of Autonomous, disconnected individuals.And then the majority, remembering that it is the people are aware of themselves they become dangerous. And the leaders of world democracy decided to err.

Thus was born a new definition of democracy: democracy — a government of the minorities. And directed this authority to not allow the majority to become the nation historical community. Hence, not only the world dictatorship of the financial elite and big capital, represented a couple hundred families, but also artificial stimulation of migration and destruction of nation States and the promotion as a norm of sexual minorities, sodomites and perverts. Now we are dealing with a new democracy – a democracy of minorities against the majority. So anti-people, totalitarian essence of democracy finally came to light. I once talked about this girl fighting with Francis in the debate on canadian television. Just democracy was not enough, I needed to clarify that a proper democracy is the rule of minorities. So logical ending.

All the best, have you watched “Directive Dugin” on the International day of democracy.

All the “shrines” of modernity, democracy, progress, human rights, civil society, legal state is a man – made idols. These idols in the Modern era was replaced by the real Shrine – God, Church, purpose, good and truth. Now these idols themselves broken to pieces. Here is a pertinent appeal: kick that drops. Democracy in deep crisis? Well, to hell with her.

See the archive transmission –

Stauffenberg was Right!

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