Fielding of New “Armata” Tanks has Begun | VIDEO

JSC UralVagonZavod, manufacturer of the new Russian tanks T-14 based on the multipurpose platform Armata, kicked off supplies of the combat vehicles to the Russian Army, reported the company’s director general Oleg Sienko on Sept 8 at the Army-2016 military exhibition.

“Indeed, we do confirm that supplies have started. Totally, we are to produce 2,300 tanks of this kind for the Russian army”, Sienko told to RIA Novosti. “Speaking of the new contract, everything is up to the customer, the defense ministry. We just prepare manufacturing facilities”, he added.
Supply of 2,300 tanks T-14 to the Russian army will finish by 2025.

Earlier on, deputy defense minister Yury Borisov said the Armata tanks were only passing operational trials. “We’re quite fine with T-72B3 tanks, they’re still haven’t exhausted their potentials”, Borisov told reporters.

The Armata platform has already became a base for numerous types of new armament. It will house an advanced tank support vehicle Terminator-3. Besides, it is planned to develop a combat robot, an unmanned version of the T-14 tank based on the Armata platform.

In total, experts say, the Armata-base concept includes 28 prospective types of armament. Except for Terminator and the crewless tank, it is planned to use this platform for a 152-mm heavy anti-tank self-propelled gun capable to use not only artillery trajectories but direct fire, too

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