Anaconda: the strategy of the fourth Reich

57b71592.jpgWith coups in Kazakhstan and instability in Karabakh, the U.S. is trying to complete the operation to encircle Russia

Against the background of current news from Europe and Turkey, few people pay attention to the alarming developments in Armenia and especially in Kazakhstan—countries that are the main allies of Russia in the Caucasus and Central Asia. Meanwhile, take a look at a map of Eurasia, and even then the pupil becomes clear that NATO and its minions are trying to close around the great ring-from Sweden and Finland to Kazakhstan. Political scientists call this strategy the Anaconda ring.Experts of RIA “Katyusha” analyzed the events of recent decades, in countries surrounding Russia, and came to the conclusion that Anaconda Ring—no not the invention of conspiracy, but the real strategy that is consistently implemented by the West. Look at the Katusha presentation of this strategy in the form of short graphic video:

As an illustration to the video, here are just a few of the facts of the last
— Finland and Sweden declared its desire to join NATO, Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Russia will take military-technical measures.
— The Baltic States, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and Moldova conducted a massive NATO exercise involving Western European military..
— At the NATO summit in Warsaw decided on the placement of permanent presence in these countries, except Moldova.
— NATO’s military presence in Ukraine is not hiding, constantly go teachings is the supply of radars and armored vehicles, the number of foreign mercenaries and “advisers” moved in the thousands.
In Turkey there is an attempt to depose Erdogan and replace him pogulievsky, that is Pro-American military. If successful, the US could subjugate and key ally of Turkey — Azerbaijan.
— NATO continue the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan, where again extended its military presence.
— At the NATO summit again reminded of Georgia, saying the country’s preparation for the membership in the Alliance.
— South Korea is preparing to install ABOUT.
— In Japan continue to operate us bases and missile defense, which the US moving strategic bombers B-1B Lancer, capable of carrying nuclear warheads.

All together that there are elements of the Ring of the Anaconda” plan for coverage of Russia’s borders from Finland and Norway through the Baltic States, Eastern Europe, the black sea region, the Caucasus, Central Asia and further on to Chukotka and the Far East. Just look at the map to understand that this plan is implemented. Armenia and Kazakhstan in this regard are crucial: establishing in Armenia a Pro-American regime on the background of the rapprochement of Georgia with NATO means full control over the Caucasus, so, the possibility of destabilizing the situation in the North Caucasus.Destabilization in Kazakhstan (border with Russia –more than 2 thousand km) threatens Russia and China. In addition to the overlapping of trade routes to Central Asia, “arson” Kazakhstan is dangerous because using it in Russia can throw the terrorist gangs in the Volga region, Tatarstan, the Orenburg and beyond. In China will be under attack in the Xinjiang Uygur district.

“Anaconda ring” is not an invention of conspiracy theorists, it is the strategy of our overseas “partners” since the days of the Cold war, which was developed by the best minds in the United States, from Mahan to Zbigniew Brzezinski and Henry Kissenger.

The main objectives of this strategy are two:
First, economic and information pressure on Russia, which is quite possible military clashes, but not the format of a full-scale world war, and the terrorist attacks and conflicts with neighboring territories in Russia States whose statehood was destroyed or subordinated to the United States. Aggression, presumably, will be conducted on the Syrian – not the armies and gangs of terrorists, and from several sides at the same time that Russia was unable to concentrate enough forces to repel attacks from three or four directions.The purpose of such attacks is the creation in Russia of internal turmoil, the destruction of the economy and, ultimately, a change of government until the collapse of the country.

The second objective of “Anaconda” – to divert Russia from what is happening in the far East, where, according to Western experts, and will unfold the main battle for the world championship with China. For Americans, it is advantageous to divert Russia to Europe, Caucasus, Central Asia and the middle East that we simply did not have enough forces and means — neither military nor financial-possible assistance to China. And ideally (for Americans) is not to incite China to Russia.

The Anaconda squeezes its ring around Russia—and all coup attempts and “color revolutions” in countries surrounding Russia, it is worth considering in this context.Nevertheless, it is important to keep strong our own “core”–but this is what happens: while the Supreme power is busy building a geopolitical combinations, national traitors of all stripes Rockin ‘ the situation inside Russia in all directions, from the introduction of juvenile justice as to insult the memory of the heroes of the great Patriotic war, from housing reform (fraught with social upheavals) to incite religious and ethnic hatred. And this is a ring Anaconda—but internal—which, as has often happened in Russian history, may be much more dangerous than external.

RIA Katusha

Stauffenberg was Right!

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