The destruction of the Turkish tanks | Colonel Cassad


DAESH posted a very clear video where they destroyed 2 Turkish tanks (M-60) with anti-tank missiles.

The video is remarkable as the fact that the Turks once again carelessly framed their tanks on the horizon (fighting with the Kurds in the mountains is not the same as fighting with a trained opponent with many years of experience of dealing with the armored vehicles of the SAA – the Syrians try hide their equipment behind buildings or terrain to reduce the risk of injury from TOW, “Kornet” or “Milan” after bitter experience, which the Turks apparently have yet to acquire), and a striking refutation of the myth that the Caliphate and Turkey are in some collusion.

CryJWvUWAAQQRNa.jpg large.jpg

As mentioned earlier, the Caliphate has a hard time resisting at the border, because the Turks there are in full use of artillery from their own territory, so as expected, the main resistance from the “black” is South of the border, where in recent days the level of resistance to the advance of the Turks and Turkish controlled militants has increased significantly, which immediately led to higher losses in men and materiel of the FSA (mostly as a result of attacks of suicide bombers), and the Turkish army. Well, it is worth noting that M-60 (even in a modernized form) is not a new Tank, and if “black” during the war, burned many T-72, T-62 and T-55 and Abrams, then they are quite capable of destroying the M-60. There is a more interesting question, which is how the German tanks “Leopard 2” will fare against current anti-tank systems.

CrvJPswWIAA5JCQ.jpgTurkish tanks “Leopard 2” near the border with Syria


Stauffenberg was Right!

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