Dilbert on Trump | VIDEO


“Are you still predicting a landslide for Donald J. Trump?” Jones asked Adams, who has been closely studying the psychology behind the race.

“I am, based on technique, not policies,” Adams, a trained hypnotist, said.

“And it looks like Clinton’s not going to make it to the end line based on what she looked like yesterday,” the cartoonist added, referring to a picture in which Hillary looked like she was in “physical pain.”


Months ago Adams came out in support of Hillary Clinton, an endorsement he said increased his chances of not being killed by a fellow citizen.

Hillary, Adams argued, was giving her supporters the moral justification to assassinate pro-Trump Americans by drawing parallels between the businessman and Hitler.

“I’ve decided to endorse Hillary Clinton for President, for my personal safety,” Adams announced on his blog in June half-jokingly. “Trump supporters don’t have any bad feelings about patriotic Americans such as myself, so I’ll be safe from that crowd. But Clinton supporters have convinced me – and here I am being 100% serious – that my safety is at risk if I am seen as supportive of Trump. So I’m taking the safe way out and endorsing Hillary Clinton for president.”

But Adams says he has taken an interest in the race not because he supports either candidate’s policies, but because of the masterful way Trump, who he labels a “master persuader,” was using the psychology of persuasion.

“I’m actually completely serious when I say that I’m endorsing Hillary Clinton for my physical safety, and it’s working,” Adams told Jones. “Prior to saying that, I was getting comments online comparing me to Joseph Goebbels.”

“If I wanted to talk about Trump’s persuasion skills, which is the thing that interested me and my audience, I couldn’t do that with physical safety if people imagined that that also meant I backed his policies.”

“So let me say this as clearly as I can that my personal political preferences don’t align with either Clinton or Trump. I’m not very close to either of them on anything. So if you say who would I prefer to be president on an entertainment basis, of course Trump. On a policy basis… I’m not smart enough to know who’s got the best policies.”

On the “persuasion scorecard,” Adams gave Trump an A+ on Wednesday’s immigration policy speech, given in Phoenix after the GOP nominee returned from visiting the Mexican president.

“Trump needed to undo the persuasion that Clinton’s side has been laying on the public for months,” Adams wrote on his blog Thursday.

“By my scorecard, Trump achieved all five objectives in the eyes and of his core supporters, and 3-out-of-5 with his opponents.”

Stauffenberg was Right!

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