Aleppo prepares for a major battle and the Kurds in Syria are attracting everybody’s animosity.

Elijah J. Magnier


Published here in Arabic:  v

Translated to French (see below)

Key words: Turkey, Syria, Kurds, Russia, Iran, Rojava, Aleppo, Hezbollah.

Aleppo by Elijah J. Magnier – @EjmAlrai

Thousands of Hezbollah, Iraqis and Iranians have gathered in what it seems to be the biggest northern battle so far against thousands of Jihadists and rebels. The aim to re-close the circle around Aleppo and secure both the northern and the southern fronts. Main targets are thought to be the surrounding of apartments 1070, the various military Academies and Ramouseh. These are the principal objectives occupying the Jihadists and rebels at the moment.

According to commanders on the ground in Aleppo “the allies of Damascus have been assembling new forces for more than two weeks now, waiting for the final general assault on different fronts around Aleppo. These forces expect the Russian Air Force to destroy the Academies and…

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