“The moral arc of the universe is long, and, if Trump is elected, it will bend in the direction of despotism and darkness.” -Jeffrey Goldberg


August 23rd Update:


Operation Pyramid Scheme-

-Operative Manta Ray was PURGED after completing his mission to lock-down the Convention and take over the Republican party.

-Operative Bannon was elevated, bringing his long experience with Darknet Assassination teams on board, in order to counter the Clinton Assassination machine.

Clinton and Trump in Statistical Tie; Trump Has Closed the Gap Among Older Millennials

-White House Watch: Clinton 41%, Trump 39%, Johnson 9%, Stein 3%

National Polls Show The Race Tightening

Clinton 43, Trump 45

-Prepare for Clinton to start panicking as she begins her long slide down in the polls.

-The new Chemtrails pen cartridges are AWESOME, check your dead drop!

Operation Gaslight-

Here’s All Our Favourite Donald Trump Conspiracy Theories

Trump Is Already Helping Putin Consolidate Control of Ukraine

Donald Trump The Crisis Actor: A Conspiracy To End All Conspiracy Theories

The Liberals are smoking their own Crack, and now it is completely out of control!

Operation Train Wreck-

Hillary’s Health Crisis & A-List Favors EXPOSED In New Email Leak


Emails Show Huma Used To Put Hillary Down For Nap Time

Emails Show Huma Used To Put Hillary Down For Nap Time

Stauffenberg was Right!

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