The Russian Air Force and the Iranian airbase Hamadan | Colonel Cassad

NKVD officer


It is reported that Iran has provided its air base Hamadan to the Russian Air Forces.

At the disposal of the Agency’s Al–Masdar News were photographs of Russian military aircraft stationed at the airbase in Hamedan West of Iran.
At present, strategic bombers Tu-22M3 to perform combat missions from the airbase of Mozdok in North Ossetia. Now the recent agreement between Iran and the Russian Federation the agreement will allow to reduce the flight distance by 60%, which will significantly reduce fuel costs and increase the effectiveness of air strikes. Now, in order to hit the target near the city of Palmyra, the bomber needs to overcome about 2150 miles. When departing from an air base in Hamadan distance to Palmyra is approximately 900 kilometers.Hamim air base in Latakia province, where the group VC Russia is based in the autumn of 2015, to accommodate the massive Tu-22M3 is not suitable.
Command HQs of the Russian Federation has not yet announced the number of bombers that will be placed on the Iranian airbase. – zinc

PS. It seemed to hint that the recent consultations between Russia and Iran were not in vain and Хамfдан now used for operations long-range aviation in Syria. It is worth remembering that this airbase was used in the past.

Hamadan air base Located near the city of Hamadan (the ancient Ecbatana – the city was capital of the Persian Empire). – an article about Russian-Iranian military cooperation + satellite photograph of the base of Hamadan from November 25, 2015.

The scheme of actions VKS RF in November 2015. It is not difficult to see, Hamadan used back then.

The United States last fall, the hysteria that this air base is used for the delivery of arms to Syria military transport planes through Iran. Given the fact that the weapons are there and so is stream line of the “Syrian Express”, and this claim was quite amusing.

Well, quite eloquent routes of military transport aircraft.

In General, the whole “sensation” on the subject of Hamadan can be noted that now it is also used to ensure the impacts of long-range bombers against targets in Syria. Oh well, military cooperation with Iran is necessary to strengthen, especially since the real allies of Russia in this war are not very strong.

PS. And Yes:

Russian military sent a request to use the airspace of Iraq and Iran for the passage of cruise missiles. About it “Interfax” on Monday, August 15, said a military-diplomatic source.

According to him, the request was sent to the Ministry of defense of Russia last week. – zinc


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