Dugin’s Guideline – The PARALLEL STATE


Hello, you are watching the program “Directive Dugin”. In connection with the dramatic events in Turkey that led to the change of the whole structure of geopolitical balance of power, the media are increasingly talking about such a thing as a parallel State.

Parallel State is a Pro-American network of agents of influence, which exists in almost every country, and which, when external loyalty to the national government takes orders from Washington. It is a parallel State in Turkey, and attempted to make a military coup in the night of the fifteenth on the sixteenth of July.In Turkey from the experience of shock, because Turkish leaders were on the verge of death, at some time of silence on the parallel State “parallel Devlet” in Turkish – was raised, and the revelations about the network of American spies in the highest positions of the Turkish authorities are full still edition.

But it will take a little time, the horror subsided, and again the topic shifted to the periphery, and then will resolve itself and will be forgotten. And why do you think? Because it’s just a parallel State is not eradicated. In Turkey today appeared in prison only those who belong to the tip of the iceberg. Parallel State created by decades of U.S. intelligence, who replaced in this role by the British intelligence services, not so easy to eradicate. It continues to operate in Turkey and is now rapidly to cover his tracks.The term “parallel State”, “parallel Devlet” go with the first bands on the second, then the last, and finally it will shift into the area of conspiracy theory and marginalism. It is bound to happen, since the parallel State is powerful and rooted in the highest echelons of power.

Parallel State not only a Turkish phenomenon. On the surface it comes out only in exceptional situations – during revolutions, wars and emergencies, but it always works and seems to be non-existent. This is the main goal. At rallies of radical opposition come the clowns. The true agents of influence are at the pinnacle of power, being outwardly loyal, but engaged in destructive sabotage constantly and continuously and comes to the forefront only in extreme cases.

In Turkey parallel State adopted today to identify with the sect of Fetullah Gulen. By the way, the activity of this sect banned in Russia for quite some time, and the same Erdogan, whose cult was almost killed, was outraged by such a prudent and far-sighted, as it turned out, the decision of the Russian authorities. But gulenist active in Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan, and Kyrgyzstan attained such influence, which is largely controlled by the President Atambayev. The Turks beat the alarm.But they do not hear: the parallel State is covering his tracks – osmeivaya those who are faced with its existence, saying that it is paranoia and conspiracy theory. Had almost lost their country and the lives of the Turkish authorities today don’t think so.

But the parallel State is much broader than the Gulen sect is a small link in a huge network. Not humanity responsible for destabilizing the situation in Kazakhstan or the recent protests in Armenia. Especially in Russia, if they bought a number of experts, scholars, obviously their influence is negligible. Gulen sect, Yes negligible, but a parallel State in a completely different form in Russia exists and is a powerful force.We sometimes call it the sixth pillar, which is in contrast to the fifth, directly acting against the government, is not outside but inside of this power, holding inside it a line, ordered American curators. And so that will not SAP. No recruiting, or material support. It’s much thinner than the parallel State is not simply a tool of American domination and ideological sect. If, however, in Turkey and among the Turkic peoples of the sect styled with Islam and Turkish nationalism in Russia is similar to the function of liberal ideology.Since the early 90-ies of XX century liberalism and Westernism was almost a national idea. And power directly contributed to the spread of liberal views, institutions, theories and practical strategies. It was a trend. Similarly, as in the case of Erdogan and the gülen sect. Erdogan has created a DIY tool for self-destruction.

Also Russia in the 90s was carefully educated Pro-American liberal elite that Russia was no more. Nothing personal: it’s just a parallel State. And it is – despite all the Patriotic reforms of Putin – is still extremely strong.

Goodbye, you watched “Directive Dugin” about a parallel State.

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Stauffenberg was Right!

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