The situation at Aleppo to 08.08.2016 | Colonel Cassad


The situation at Aleppo to 08.08.2016


By the morning of 8 August 2016 operational situation at Aleppo has not changed much. Militants sitting in the hallway broken based on most of the buildings 1070, an artillery base, the Northern part of Ramouseh, garages, and the ending.

The morning continued fighting in the southern part of Ramouseh and in the vicinity of a cement plant. Yesterday’s attack in Tal-Mahrukat success of the SAA and “Harakat al-Kajubi” to no avail. Questions supply full parties now is not solved – SAA pushed several vehicles via Castello, the militants dragged a few cars through artillery Academy, but it’s all ersatz, as a key way of Ramouseh is still disputed territory.For SAA, she is now physically cut, for the insurgents – is under attack both from the North and from the South, and is one of the side to move another 500-1000 meters in one direction or another, as a tactical failures can start to become operational.

In recent days the army said 60 militants killed in Aleppo. The militants say about 2 tanks destroyed, 2 cars, 1 mortar, 44 dead soldier and the SAA “Hezbollah” and 4 prisoners.

Yesterday, the police sources in Aleppo said that the militants have lost in the course of the year 2000 people were killed, but this figure seems somewhat inflated. To 7 the number of fighters in General have lost 1.5-2 times more people killed per day (which was confirmed by including sources supporting the rebels). Yesterday, the losses are already somewhat aligned, it was connected both with the decrease in the intensity of fighting and the failed attacks of the SAA in the area of Ramouseh and cement plant.

UPD: the Iranian Agency Fars gives the following data the losses of militants killed 1,200 per week (with link to Syrian military sources).


The plans of the rebels is to attack Hamadani that attack via quarries of the district South of Ramouseh the way to the water station and the ousting of the SAA and Hezbollah” from the cement plant.

According to the latest reports, started artillery and mortar shelling of the building of 3000 – obviously preparing to attack.

Strikes are applied to the construction 1070 and Northern artillery base (probably thus want to prevent the fighters to concentrate for attack on building 3000). Artillery SAA and “Hezbollah” covers the area of the gas station and the Northern part of Ramouseh.

In addition to straightforward plans associated with the recaptured Northern part of Ramouseh and artillery base, the SAA and its allies have another alternative – take the towns and Amir tal-Mahrukat, and then set fire control over the road Khan tuman – Ramouseh. At this stage we are seeing as attacks on Ramouseh and attempts to recapture tal-Mahrukat. Apparently still undecided.


The reporter oSAA to the North of the quarter Ramouseh. In fact there junction a few hundred meters.

At the SAA was replaced by the commander in Aleppo. So to say followed conclusions over gaps in the defense of the South-Western sector (this is the question that the surrender of the artillery base, it’s part of a cunning plan). Instead of General ADIB Muhammad, order now General Zaid Saleh, whose troops took Bani Zeid and defeated the militants at Laramona, which led to the blockade of Aleppo. Operations to the North of the city in July was very good, so I’ll see if Saleh to succeed in the South.

Below, reinforcements in Aleppo.

In total, at Aleppo now in the process of deploying 5 to 7 thousand people.

“Al-Nusra” stated that in the framework of the “phase 4” she wants to take over Aleppo. No matter that previously, under “phase 4” was announced the capture of Ramouseh and Hamadani. Phases change frequently.

Regarding the real prospects of capturing Aleppo, I just remind map of Aleppo 3 years ago, to better understand the specific problems of the SAA then and now.

CpUOdWbXYAAaIhl.jpg large.jpg

However, such statements show that the battle on both sides is the status of the General and local purposes, the parties are not limited to, setting as the ultimate goal of complete capture of the city.

Of course, both forces are unlikely to be enough for multi-week infantry fighting in urban areas involving attempts by force to clean up Aleppo, so the key now is to have road supply, so there is a battle for control over supply lines from the beginning of July. For the SAA it is important to control the road from the Castello, Ramouseh and the road Khanasser-Aleppo. Fighters need to win at SAA full control over the outcome of Ramouseh and try again to attack the farm, Mull and the road from Castello. It is very unfortunate for the insurgents in late July, they suffered a disaster in the district of Bani Zeid, for if there fighters lasted until the beginning of August, now would be a provision of the SAA could be very dangerous. It should also be noted that these classifications may intervene Caliphate, if you attack the significant forces of the road Khanasser-Aleppo that it would be in the interests of “green”. But “black” still waiting, watching as their opponents beat each other to the South-West of Aleppo. Instead of Aleppo, and “black” are now busy with attacks on Deir ez-Zor and to the North of Palmyra, where today once again they are subjected to the strikes of the Tu-22M3s.

Overall, the operational crisis at Aleppo is still waiting for its solution.

CpUy_3WWYAAcwrr.jpg large.jpg
PS. Good news from Latakia. Kinsaba has fallen!




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