British special forces in Syria | Colonel Cassad

NKVD officer
There were photos of British special forces operating on the territory of southern Syria on the border with Jordan, which operates CIA created the so-called “New Syrian Army”, which not so long ago, shame he got from the Caliphate under Abu-Kemal Like the US, the Brits are completely disregarding international law as the legitimate government of Syria in Damascus any permits for the action of the British troops on its territory is not allowed. The Americans have not long ago got burned on this when taking this legal conflict, the Russian Air Forces bombed at the Jordanian border CIA camp of militants and declared it a “fight against terrorism”, after which the state Department, despite the protests of the Pentagon, suddenly want to share information about the actions of the aviation.

BBC story – about cars of the British special forces




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    Technically, because the troops are listed as Special Forces, the UK Tory government did not need permission or discussion for deployment of these troops. There is nothing technical about the fact that we are breaking International Law and Syria’s Sovereignty since we neither have that sovereignty’s permission nor have we sought it. Our Tax £s at work folks. Illegal wars continue to be fought in our collective name to appease the US NWO and EU/NATO aggression to steal by stealth what they may not own by lawful means.


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