The Full Retard Glenn Beck Meltdown | AKIRA | VIDEO | PODCAST | ANALYSIS


Looks like our whole operation to take over the entire world has been discovered comrades!

Fast foward to 11:30 for the start of the Dugin rant.

At 27.40 Glenn beck’s “counterintelligence” analyst (who would appear to be functionally illiterate) reads the FUCKING MONEY QUOTE from my essay Apocalypse as Praxis to the entire Glenn Beck audience, claiming it was a speech from Dugin.

So as Glenn is graciously broadcasting the final phases of his terminal psychosis, and a bizarre melange of archaic content is surfacing in the form of Alexander Dugin Conspiracy Theory. Anyone interested in deep Conspirology, the American Psychosis, Psychiatric Warfare, or the geopolitical weaponization of Conspiracy Theory does not want to miss this.

And for anyone who enjoys the simple pleasures of watching an enemy who is really and truly a retarded asshole completely implode, Glenn’s final spiral is a long awaited spectacle. Stock up on Cheetos, this is going to be so good…

Glenn Beck’s diagnosis and treatment are quackery, say medical experts

Why I Mourn for Glenn Beck

Quick and dirty analysis:

While I have listened to Glenn Beck occasionally over the many years of his career, I confess I don’t listen to him regularly. Furthermore I don’t care enough to research his life, and would rather not know anything at all about his family life or his sexual issues. It is however possible to observe some very broad outlines in his behavior and to draw some specific conclusions from those outlines. His “free association” style of monologue is extremely revealing as he is given to verbally expressing his psychotic fantasy world for anyone with the ears to hear.

Glenn Beck has a deeply paranoid personality structure. He is absolutely a ham, but he is a truly and authentically disturbed ham. His tendency to deliberately present and play up his mentally problems as a way to obtain attention doesn’t mean those problems are not real.

Plenty of people are functional paranoids. Glenn Beck is not one of those people. Something is really and truly wrong. Glenn Beck just doesn’t work. Usually this level of persistent dysfunction this late in life is the result of a fundamental failure to form a viable “Adult” personality structure. (Yes that failure probably involves perversion, but that is a topic so utterly disgusting that I will skip it.)

Glenn Beck has spent his whole life struggling to maintain a stable personality structure. He is now in a paranoid death spiral that could easily lead to the final collapse into a complete paranoid breakdown, I E the point at which he actually has to be committed to a mental hospital. As a general rule, that kind of paranoid collapse is incurable.

Glenn Beck’s exterior life is also in a death spiral. His business empire is collapsing, his credibility is completely gone, he has some bizarre illness (more likely psychosomatic than faked), and he is under sustained personal attack from the very Republican base that used to support him.

These two death spirals are twisting together, as the mounting pressure in his exterior life causes him to act even more mental (such as threatening a presidential candidate with assassination on air) thus leading to even more problems and even more pressure.

One of the signs of a final paranoid collapse is that everything tends to get compressed into a single point of absolute paranoia, a malevolent force behind everything and everyone, a force that has poisoned the whole world. Up to this point Glenn Beck had a kind of potpourri of delusions, various conspiracies that he was afraid of, but now he is devolving to the point where he can no longer make such fine distinctions as the long festering toxic dynamisms in his psyche are finally gaining the upper hand.

So Comrades, the glorious news is that a truly retarded enemy, who has a national audience and a live microphone, is already descending into a full blown paranoid delusion, and Alexander Dugin is the subject of his delusion. We could not ask for a more useful enemy. This is an almost unbelievable windfall. Glenn Beck’s insane rants are going to break Fourth Political Theory and Alexander Dugin into the mainstream. Furthermore this ensures the implantation of the Dugin-Trump conspiracy theory on the Right as well as on the Left.

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