Dugin’s Guidline – The inevitable destruction of Atlantis

Hello, you are watching the program “Directive Dugin”. August 3 1492 Christopher Columbus three ships “Santa Maria”, “Pinto” and “Nino” went on his journey, which resulted in the discovery of a new continent. Who would have thought that this heroic epic ends what it ends today.

Heroic swimming, overcoming insurmountable obstacles, battle against the elements and enemies always capture our imagination. He who does not want to be a hero, especially in his youth was never going to happen even as the average person. The pursuit of an unattainable horizon – is what makes us human. “Man is something that must be overcome”, – said Nietzsche. This is the essence of man is to overcome himself. Overcoming ourselves, we become ourselves. And Christopher Columbus in this sense, worthy of veneration and admiration.He rushed to the open ocean, to test the hypothesis of a new geography – if you sail West sail to the East.

But on the way to Asia, Columbus found something in his plans was not included. A whole new continent.

It is interesting that in ancient times the Strait of Gibraltar called the pillars of Hercules. It was the point in the sacred geography that marked the Western limit of the inhabited world – ecumene. Beyond that lurked evil. The great evil. Therefore, to go beyond the pillars of Hercules to anyone is not recommended. Hence, the traditional image of the Mediterranean coins – two Herculean pillars in the West, are entwined with legend and inscription: “Necplusultra”. Which means “no Further, come no further”.

But Christopher Columbus with the audacity of a New era of time has neglected a severe prohibition, broke it. Came the era of sacrilege and transgression, violation of all sacred rules and regulations.

You know what the dollar sign? It’s the same sign – two Herculean pillars with the aegis. But written on it is not “Necplusultra” (“Then not”, and Columbuses of the thesis is “Plusultra”, which means “Farther”, “Further need”.

Greek philosophers thought that the essence of sin consists in the lack of action. One who goes beyond, he is likened to the titans. Columbus has gone beyond and found its way to India seemed long-sunken Atlantis. Atlanta in the story of Plato come from behind the pillars of Hercules. The Platonist Proclus commented on the story of Atlantis and its invasion in the Mediterranean as a continuation of the titanomachy – the Atlanteans were a people without measure and died in the waters of the ocean it is because of this. They built a civilization, where everything was over the top. And died.

Across the Atlantic, Columbus opened, unwittingly, the New Atlantis. And strictly following the logic of the myth, this new country will go on the same path of the titans and kings of Atlantis. The path of excess, extravagance, materialism and the cult of individual success. Hardly a Columbus, going on 3 August 1492, he knew that his journey will be the beginning of a new era – a New time. And open them America was destined to play in this era of important, and perhaps major, role.

All the best, have you watched “Directive Dugin” about the discovery of America by Columbus.

The destruction of Atlantis was the result of its success. The one who knows no measure, who is the religion of the dollar, of the religion of audacity and excess, American ideology, the place on the ocean floor. So Plato said.

See the archive transmission –

Stauffenberg was Right!

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