A US base in Northern Syria | Colonel Cassad



The American base in the area of Kobani (Syrian Kurdistan). Satellite photos:


(the link allows you to see how this place looked before the war) marked 3 helicopter and 2 of the heliplane. Base plays an important role in JSOC operations in Northern Syria. Of course, from the point of view of international law, its presence on the territory of Syria is illegal, but when has international law stopped anyone?


And this is a runway was built with the participation of military engineers from the U.S. army, 35 kilometers South of Kobani. Also there is a deployed base of logistics to support operations against the Caliphate in Northern Syria. Both bases are developed in the framework of agreements with YPG USA and the SDF, amongst other things, serve as a back-up option for US in case of problems when using the Turkish airbase Incirlik.


Runway East of Manbij near the village of Serrin. May 2016.

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