Dugin’s Guideline – The Arab world against the Anglo-Saxons


Hello, you are watching the program “Directive Dugin”. Today in the West of the Maghreb, Mauritania, ends a two-day summit of the Arab League.

The League of Arab States – the Union is extremely doubtful. It was created by British to maintain their influence in the Arab world after most countries have ceased to be colonies and became independent. As among the Arab States, the British and the Americans have always had a controlling stake in the form completely devoted to them and modes – first of all, we are talking about Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Jordan and Qatar, as well as in some periods of Egypt, the League was a convenient platform to restrict those Arab countries that tried to resist Anglo-Saxon politics.For anything creative League were not good, any positive program is never implemented, no common ideology had not. Moreover, the unity of the Arab world had not cooperated, but nevertheless, its geopolitical function was performed in the interests of Atlanticism. In a word, worthless and even harmful organization of the League of Arab States.

But there was a history of the Arab peoples and a completely different idea of pan-Arab unification. The author acted as the Syrian philosopher and linguist Zaki Arsuzi. He was, in fact, the mastermind of the Baath party and a close friend and teacher, father of the current Syrian President, Hafez al-Assad. Arsuzi believed, following Hegel and Herder that only the people have the right to historical existence, which is the mission. Without a mission the people not the people, and the mass of ordinary people, which is not worthy to live. After all, life itself Arsuzi considered a form of manifestation of the Divine Sense.To be alive means to be conscious, to reach for meaning, and, eventually, to the deity. God manifests himself in the sense of meaning in life – the people, the people are geniuses, genius in the language. Therefore, the Arabic language, considered Arsuzi, and is the Supreme incarnation of the sense the divine life essence of the people. His study, his study, his gentle love and understanding represent the task of creating a unified Arab nation, because the unity of language is the unity of life.

Nietzsche once called one of his songs to “We philologists”. Arsuzi, theorist of pan-Arab unity, also began with language. It is with awareness of the unity of language and should, in Arsuzi, to begin construction of a unified Arab nation. So, the project of the Baath party, literally a Rebirth or Revival, is Philology, culture, language.

But those who followed Arsuzi towards a pan-Arab Renaissance, quickly realized that the main enemy of the Arab world is Britain and the United States, the countries of the colonial West, which not only subjugated the Arab body, but also distorted, perverted and nearly destroyed Arabian perfume, Arabic life, Arabic meanings. The Anglo-Saxons – enemies of the Arabs, relying on them it is impossible to exercise true spiritual unity of the Arab world. Thought so after Arsuzi all the leaders of the pan-Arab Baath party – from Nasser to Gaddafi, from Yasser Arafat to Saddam Hussein and Hafez al-Assad.To be an Arab, to fulfill the Arabian mission and follow in the tail of American geopolitics – incompatible goals. Either be an Arab, or lick the boots of the colonial. Therefore, the United States at the first opportunity and sought to reckon with these figures of the Arab world – with the leaders of the Baath. First, they quarrel among themselves. Then one destroyed by the hands of the puppet and obedient to the West of the Salafis, fanatical recruits the same petrodollar monarchies of the type banned in Russia “Islamic State” or “al-Qaeda”.Was killed Gaddafi and Hussein, and there was only one country where the authorities are still Baath party. Is Syria – is the country where it was born deep thought Arsuzi about the mission of the Arabs and the need to struggle against the American enemy.

All the best, have you watched the program “Directive Dugin” about true and false pan-Arabism.

The League of Arab States on what can not. But the heroic struggle of the last Baathist regime is a truly great thing, the pride of the true Arab spirit. And it is significant that we, Russians, are now fighting it on this side.

See the archive transmission – http://tsargrad.tv/

Stauffenberg was Right!

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