Syrian armed forces have received the new Russian Sukhoi su-24M2

Upgraded front-line bomber su-24M2 was transferred from the presence of the aerospace Forces of the Russian Federation in providing military-technical assistance to the Syrian Army in the fight against the terrorist group “Islamic State”.

According to unconfirmed reports, Syria has already received two Sukhoi su-24M2 and in the future will be transferred to an additional 8 combat vehicles from the composition of the VKS Russian Federation.

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Ukraine, after war, becomes a trove for black market arms trade

The fighting in eastern Ukraine between the Moscow-backed separatists and Ukraine’s pro-Western government killed hundreds of people, displaced thousands of residents and created a Cold War-style stand off between Moscow in the West.

It also had another consequence that is less visible but could in time prove equally dangerous: the conflict took huge amounts of arms out of government arsenals and put them in the hands of irregular units unable to properly control them.

Now the fighting has subsided, according to security officials and experts on the arms trade, the weapons are getting into the hands of criminals and being spirited to buyers well beyond the conflict zone.

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Turkish Crackdown Nets Top Generals In NATO’s Afghan Force

Turkey on July 26 widened its crackdown after a failed coup by detaining the top Turkish military generals that are serving as part of NATO forces in Afghanistan.

Turkish media reports said Major General Mehmet Cahit Bakir and Brigadier General Sener Topuc were detained by authorities at Dubai International Airport in the United Arab Emirates on suspicion of having links to the July 15 attempted coup against President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

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Twitter lampoons rumors of Nusra Front split from Al-Qaeda

Twitter erupted with rumors that Nusra Front may formally split from Al-Qaeda in the coming days Sunday. Multiple sources reported that the Syrian militant group and Al-Qaeda’s Syrian affiliate is presently discussing the move internally, and may opt to split. In a series of tweets, Saudi paid Syria analyst Charles Lister speculated that if a split were to occur it may not go smoothly and could involve only part of the group splitting, nothing at all, or a myriad of other scenarios.

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Turkey’s anger at ‘threatening’ EU over claim accession talks could be halted | Patrick Cockburn

Conspiracy theories are rife. One newspaper claimed on Monday that the coup bid was run by an American general. A columnist blamed the US, UK, Germany, France and even the Vatican for cooperating with the attempt to overthrow of the elected Turkish government. The most bizarre theory came from Ankara mayor Melih Gökçek who said Fethullah Gulen used genies to enslave people and bring them under his control.

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Carl Schmitt’s 5 Lessons for Russia | Alexander Dugin

Finally, the sixth, unscheduled lesson of Carl Schmitt can be called an example of what the leader of the European New Right, Alain de Benoist, calls “political imagination” or “ideological creativity.” The geniality of the German jurist lies in that he not only felt the “field lines” of history but also heeded the mysterious voice of essence, even though it is often hidden behind the bland, empty phenomena of the complex and dynamic modern world. We Russians should learn from Teutonic stiffness in setting our bottomless and overvalued institutions into clear intellectual formulas, clear ideological projects, and convincing and compelling theories.

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Dugin’s Guideline – The Triumph Of Byzantium

The Byzantine Empire fell, and in its place was founded the Latin Empire, which lasted 57 years exactly to this day – 21 July 1261. Catholics were punished the Orthodox, and most importantly, the political system of feudalism brought with them to Greece, flatly contradicted the Orthodox doctrine of the Empire and the Symphony of powers. Many Orthodox then decided that it was over and the world would end – because the Byzantine Orthodox Empire, and the Emperor was considered a barrier to the coming of the Kingdom of the Antichrist.

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Dugin’s Guidline – The Turkish coup and American disinformation

More and more hissing experts are spewing poisonous malice that, of course, Erdogan came up with all of this himself, because otherwise he could not have put everything down so fast. But these same media outlets unanimously broadcasted during the first hours of the coup the libel that Erdogan had fled, that he had sought refuge in Russia, that all media had come under the control of the military, that the government was arrested, etc. The coup failed and American networks, as if nothing had happened, are continuing to unleash their agents against “common sense.”

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