Dugin’s Guideline – Our Vietnam


Hello, you are watching the program “Directive Dugin”. In Hanoi today begins the first session of the elected in may, the Vietnamese Parliament.

Vietnam was the center of attention in the Soviet era. Example of the heroic war of the Viet Cong against the American occupation, when a small but disobedient people managed to inflict a shameful defeat of the U.S. imperialist invasion was the pride of the Soviet Union. The restructuring of the fraternal Vietnam was forgotten. Our military base in Cam Ranh Bay was abandoned. Vietnam and Vietnamese somehow disappeared from our lives. Only recently, when a number of Patriotic politicians and businessmen were under American and European sanctions, we again began to discover Vietnam – this time as a resort.One of the few where this Russian was still possible to go without fear of extradition to the American enemy.

Vietnam is quite mysterious and peculiar civilization. On the one hand, in ancient times, Vietnam was aimed to be a direct copy of China. The Chinese Vietnamese imitated in everything: writing, etiquette, culture, political system, religious rituals and ceremonies. Vietnamese princes did their best to secure Chinese recognition and legitimization. It would seem that we are dealing with pure imitation and servile imitation.

However, all is not so simple. When the Chinese, seeing the expression of complete submission on the part of the Vietnamese, tried directly to Annex these territories, annexing such kitaristi people to China, every time something unexpected happened. The Vietnamese one and all took up arms and had a giant Han army so fierce resistance that he was forced to retreat. The whole Vietnam immediately become guerrillas, where all the skills gleaned from the Chinese, immediately turned against them.

Having the same freedom ago, the Vietnamese was not angry, but again began to emulate the Chinese and to Express their reverence and respect in the Confucian spirit, as Junior senior. Notice how the younger, and not slaves. With dignity and pride. These younger Chinese were forced to respect.

Defeated the viets and invincible army of Genghis Khan. Only in modern times first South, then North China was able to subdue the French colonialists. They drove the Japanese, and formed there the Vietnamese Empire, a friendly in Tokyo. After the Second world war came to power, the Communists of Ho Chi Minh. They again had to defend its independence from the French and then the United States invaded South Vietnam, created there a puppet state with its capital in Saigon.Thus began the war between North and South Vietnam, strictly according to the rules of classical geopolitics: the Atlanticist forces control of the coastal territory, and the Eurasian – in the situation of the Soviet state – the inland areas. In fact, there was a collision of Eurasia and the Atlantic, we and our American enemies.

During the bloody war, defeated the North, you have our Vietnamese Eurasians. Therefore, since Vietnam our.

Now back to the 21st century, the first session of the newly elected Vietnamese Parliament. This country, whose independence has not betrayed Russia today. In this the viets were more honest and noble, and even smarter than our former allies from Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union, rapidly ran to lick NATO boots. Vietnam – a real civilization. Yes, there were spread the ideas of communism, borrowed from the West, and now there is some Westernization. But we should always remember that the adoption by Vietnam of the rules of other cultures does not automatically mean their vassalage.

Goodbye, you watched Vietnamese “Directive Dugin”.

Vietnam is our younger brother. Was and still is that way. And real brothers brothers do not rush, neither younger nor older. That’s why we love you, Vietnam.

See the archive transmission – http://tsargrad.tv/

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