Dugin’s Guideline – Black Sea: NATO and Russia


Russia and Turkey for many centuries interfere with each other in achieving desired goals. Hence many wars. If we pursue a common strategy, we will solve all our problems together – across the world and a strategic partnership. This is what the prophetic words of the great Russian philosopher and Slavophile and conservative Konstantin Leontiev.

Hello, you are watching the program “Directive Dugin”. This week on the Black sea begin NATO exercises, which involved not only Romania, but also Ukraine.

NATO exercises in the Black sea, which will continue until the autumn, is, in large measure, the explanation of why Crimea is ours and what happened in the end of last week in Turkey. The fact is that the cold war in 1991 is not over, it is in full swing. And despite the capitulation of the regimes of Gorbachev and Yeltsin, NATO continues to advance on Russia and will not stop until I finally win us not dismember and destroy.After we unilaterally dissolved the Warsaw Pact, naively believing that the United States will do the same thing NATO did not stop to besiege us from the West. Almost all countries in Eastern Europe, which withdrew from the Warsaw Pact, were quickly accepted into NATO. There were integrated, and the Baltic States. Everything that was possible to tear from us, one way or another captured NATO. And the same fate threatened the Ukraine, after the Western-backed there was a coup d’etat. The same Pro-American, as recently in Turkey.But the difference is that in Turkey the Pro-American network failed, and in Kiev, alas, they managed to win.

NATO exercises in the Black sea with the participation of Ukraine show that it would be with a base of black sea fleet in the Crimea, if he had not become ours. There is now a sunbathed American sailors. If Crimea is not ours, it is us. And similarly with the whole Ukraine. It is, by definition, can not be Ukrainian either our or the us. In this sense the whole struggle for the new Russia and, more broadly, of our struggle for Ukraine.

NATO exercises in the Black sea is a continuation of the trench warfare of the Atlanticists and Eurasians. That is, the actions against us in case we really decide to give a rebuff to the enemy. Here the enemy is preparing. However, in this situation, even in the camp of NATO we have an unexpected ally. And this, alas, is not Orthodox Romania, or Orthodox brotherly Slavic Ukraine, and Kemalist Turkey a moderately Islamic population that has just experienced the shock of a coup attempt. There also began the Maidan, but in the Turkish version: with the bombing of Parliament, combat aircraft and tanks.But the Black sea is a priority area of strategic control is not so much of Romania and Ukraine, as Russia and Turkey. It is therefore extremely important to speak out against these teachings and if possible to thwart them. Us one is not under power, but if we support Ankara is emerging from the shock of the attempted coup, it will be another matter.

The worst thing about the West is its falsity. He talks about peace, but solves all war. He praises democracy, but satisfied with illegal coups. He denounces the Nazis who strives to assert their own national values, while practicing methods of terror, blatant racism and genocide. He preaches free enterprise, but transmits all the power in the economy of the transnational monopolies and totalitarian financial institutions on wall street. He accuses his opponents of what he suffers.It is time to realize that the West understands only one thing: strength, power and absolute self-confidence and righteousness. Americans should not put in a penny: they don’t deserve anything, it’s just a cynical deception. We are dealing with a post-modern form of Nazism, this time hidden under the liberal phraseology. This is the liberal Nazism. And NATO direct military tool.

So, NATO is conducting exercises practically in our territorial waters in the Black sea, where if anyone but us, and there’s some fraction of it from the Turks. So again and again: “the axis Moscow – Ankara.

All the best, have you watched the anti-NATO “Directive Dugin”. Who would have thought that so rapidly yesterday’s enemies become today’s allies, and – alas – on the contrary. The black sea is OUR sea.

See the archive transmission –

Stauffenberg was Right!

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