Briefly about Syria | Colonel Cassad

Briefly about the latest developments in Syria.

1. SAA recaptured Jinsabu.

After the failure of the June offensive of the CAA in the mountainous Latakia was followed by a successful counterattack green, which led to the abandonment of several towns and an important settlement Kinaba. The enemy took serious trophies and planned to develop the offensive further. We have some alarmists even about the collapse of the front in Latakia started to rant. However, Assad’s army was able to regroup and just last week to start the operation to return the lost positions. Yesterday this operation led to the return of Kissably under the control of the CAA. Fighting in the city continues.The mountainous terrain here never favored the rapid breakthroughs.

2. Aleppo.

Yesterday the blockade around the “green” areas of Aleppo was physically closed, the army went onto the road at Costello. De facto, the ring existed before, so as to move on the highway due to dense fire was almost impossible. But now, the route came under the control of the army in the truest sense of the word. Fighting for the farm Mallah seriously wore out the green, which suffered heavy losses in men and materiel, but were unable to break through the defense of the SAA in the mallah farms and push the Syrians to Jendarata. Continued fighting in the Aleppo, but there are no significant changes.Overall, the SAA gradually pressurizes green to the North of Aleppo and gradually converts its small tactical advance in a major operational success, which yesterday took quite a tangible form. The rate of the transfer operations to the North of the city itself, yet justifies. Countermeasures “green” in the Castello district was cropped, and a tactical victory green under al-Karasi and North-West of al-Khader has not led to the desired “green” to alleviate the situation to the North of the city.

3. Palmyra.

To the North and East of Palmyra continued fierce fighting SAA with the forces of the Caliphate. Black trying to move in the direction of tadmur and to the South and South-West from the oil fields of al-Shaer. Fighting with varying success, but to achieve a decisive victory, until we can,

with Caution, 18+.
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4. Manbij.

The Kurds have cleared about half Manuja, but organized resistance of “black” in the city continues. The remains of the garrison do not lose hope that the city will unlock from the outside. Attacks on the outer ring of the environment coming from the North and South. “Black” make a major effort to break through the corridor, but is they do not come out, the Kurds are quite staunchly defend + against concentrations of militants regularly strikes the us air force.At current trends this week or next week may be the collapse of the defense Manuja and the transition to focal resistance, followed by a sweep. The Caliphate have to be something very serious to hold the city.

Beware, 18+.
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A tank captured by the Kurds “black”.

The Americans in the composition of the YPG.

A volunteer from the United States.

Tankers Kurds destroyed the “black” South of Manuja.


1. Troops also pressed the “green” in Eastern ghouta, Darayya and to the North of HOMS. The same was repulsed not very strong attacks on the Caliphate in the area of Deir ez-Zor. Yet at the CAA in July fared much better than in June.
2. It is noted that despite what is happening in Turkey, into Syria across the province of Idlib continues to flow and replenishment of supplies for the insurgents. A coup d’etat, and the war in Syria on schedule.
3. In response to statements by the US that they would send to fight the Caliphate a few hundred soldiers in Iraq, leader of Iraqi Shiite Moqtada Al-Sadr called on them to kill Americans, saying that “They – the main goal”.

Have, and a howitzer was captured by the Caliphate in battle with the Iraqi army and then destroyed by the Americans from the air. Howitzer it looks not very affected.

Australian snipers are trained Iraqis near Baghdad.

Courses field medicine from the Australians.

Fighting South of Mosul.

South of Arish.

Us-led coalition airstrikes in Syria and Iraq. Note the number of bombing in the area Manuja.

The application of the Caliphate destroyed by air equipment for the first half of July – a Russian Mi-35M, the American HQ-9 Reaper and the Syrian Mi-17 and MiG-23.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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