The Foreign Policy Implications of Turkey’s Attempted Coup

I don’t think Erdogan staged this coup. But a lot of people have argued that Erdogan may have learned about it, understood that it didn’t have wide support, and decided that it may benefit him. I’m not sure even that is true, that Erdogan knew about it and wanted to exploit it. But I am fairly confident that he will exploit it now that it’s happened, to gain support for the presidential system. He will tell voters that Turkey needs a strong leader who can fight enemies internally and externally. Polls show that Turkish voters like Erdogan but don’t want a presidential system. But now Erdogan has the perfect opportunity to say that we can’t afford not to go to the presidential system.

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Turkey’s government fears second coup attempt as purge removes many army commanders | Patrick Cockburn

“They are fearing another attempt at a coup,” says Asli Aydintasbas of the European Council on Foreign Relations in Istanbul, pointing to the extensive nature of the purge of the senior officer corps and judiciary, a quarter of whose members have been dismissed. Those arrested for secretly backing the original coup include some from Mr Erdogan’s inner circle such as Ali Yazici, his military secretary. Soli Ozel, professor of internationals relations at Kadir Has University in Istanbul and a columnist at Haberturk newspaper, says that “the number of Manchurian Candidates” in the upper ranks of the government is extraordinary – a reference to the film about secret agents and “sleepers” who infiltrated the top political leadership in the US in the 1950s at the height of the Cold War.

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Everything You Need to Know About the Turkey Coup | Patrick Cockburn

Was the coup concocted by President Recep Tayyip​ Erdogan to give himself the excuse to crack down?

It is more likely that Mr Erdogan is taking advantage of a real coup to rid the armed forces and key state institutions of all who do not give him full obedience.

He called it “a gift from God” in that it would allow him to do so. An argument against the theory that the coup was a put-up job is that it involved too many people, including high-ranking military officers, and might even have succeeded if the plotters had been able to eliminate Mr Erdogan.

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Briefly about Syria | Colonel Cassad

Yesterday the blockade around the “green” areas of Aleppo was physically closed, the army went onto the road at Costello. De facto, the ring existed before, so as to move on the highway due to dense fire was almost impossible. But now, the route came under the control of the army in the truest sense of the word. Fighting for the farm Mallah seriously wore out the green, which suffered heavy losses in men and materiel, but were unable to break through the defense of the SAA in the mallah farms and push the Syrians to Jendarata. Continued fighting in the Aleppo, but there are no significant changes.Overall, the SAA gradually pressurizes green to the North of Aleppo and gradually converts its small tactical advance in a major operational success, which yesterday took quite a tangible form. The rate of the transfer operations to the North of the city itself, yet justifies. Countermeasures “green” in the Castello district was cropped, and a tactical victory green under al-Karasi and North-West of al-Khader has not led to the desired “green” to alleviate the situation to the North of the city.

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Details of the military coup in Turkey | Colonel Cassad

During the flight, there was a threat of an attack by two F-16s that are subordinate to the rebels, but for some still unclear reasons, the attack never took place. Whether originally intended only to arrest Erdogan, not to kill, or someone chickened out at the last moment. The rebel fighters were in the air long enough due to the fact that they were refueled in the air with an air tanker taking off from the airbase in Incirlik, the commander of which was a member of the conspiracy, as well as a number of subordinate officers.

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Syrian-Launched UAV Evades Israeli Air Defenses

TEL AVIV, Israel — An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) from Syria managed Sunday to penetrate Israeli airspace and evade two Patriot anti-air interceptors and possibly an F-16-launched air-to-air missile, sources here said.

An Israeli military spokesman insisted Israel Air Force air defenders detected the UAV prior to its violation of Israeli airspace on Sunday afternoon in the area of the Golan Heights. According to a July 17 statement, the Air Force continued to track the target in Israeli skies, yet failed to down the intruder, despite three intercept attempts.

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