The World Changed Overnight


The European Union is now to be written as a postscript. Thanks to British voters, who were given an extremely rare chance to have a say on one of the biggest issues affecting their lives, who were allowed a rare vote on the fate of globalization and neoliberal practice, we are treated to the celebration of a world where sovereignty still matters. Far from a thing of the past, self-determination will now remake the world of the immediate future. The stern advice, dire warnings, commanding lectures, and even threats offered by a plethora of financial elites, economists, a whole range of academic experts and European and US political leaders, came to naught.

When it comes to taking back local control, for citizens to decide on which systems should be allowed to determine their life chances, when it comes to self-determination the UK has now gone to the front of the…

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2 responses to “The World Changed Overnight

  1. I would think this will significantly heighten the chances of the removal of sanctions upon Russia. The driving force behind those sanctions within the EU has been the British government. What are the chancs of the sanctions being withdrawn or at least weakened?


    • If the British actually leave the EU, I think the chances are very good that the sanctions will be completely scrapped. I remain a little skeptical that this is actually going to happen.

      The problem is that the insurgent right in Britain has no effective political forces to exploit the victory. Farage declared defeat early, then panicked after the unexpected victory and quit. I don’t expect anything more from UKIP in terms of effective politics, and the BNP is even worse at fucking everything up.


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